Ubinary are TOO dodgy.. Dont use them.


Ubinary are TOO dodgy.. Dont use them. My exp is.

- First I made an account just to see what binary options was about.
- I kept getting calls to deposit money. I repeatedly told the guy. I DO NOT WANT TO DEPOSIT till im ready.
- took my bank details at some point ( I think it was coz I wanted to put in £50 ). The £50 didnt go thru.
- 2weeks later I got paid and automatically £151 ($250) came out of my BANK account without me knowing.

- When i logged into my account i had the money in my Ubinary account. ( I no longer had interest in binary options)
- I didnt set up a standing order so they did that themselves.
- I spoke to someone to get my money out but i got told to "send a photocopy of my BANK CARD front & back"
- of course I said NO coz thats 100% dodgy right?
- I later spoke to someone else and they said they will forward my withdraw request to the manger?!
( why would they need to do that? just give me my money )

I made a few trades. And this was ALSO dodgy
1. submit a trade.
2. watch it (id be in profit till the last 10minutes where it locks so no opt out.
3. at the end. It will lock my trade as a lose BUT the screen would say trade close as (what ever the value is) which would actually be a win?
e.g trade to finish BELOW
open rate 0.89460 close rate: 0.8465 ( lose ) BUT the screen said "trade close at 0.8950" This would be a win.!!

that example has happened on 4 occasions.

I still haven't been contacted with how to withdraw. so i will get back to everyone on that.

I only wrote this coz I dont want it to happen to anyone else. Stay away from all binary options please!


You made some mistakes, but there's at least some chance of recovery.

1. Always look up a broker before opening an account. UBinary appears to be from the same people who are behind UFX Markets. UFX already has an FPA Scam Finding.

2. The moment any issue happens with any broker, cease all trading activity immediately.

You need to do some things now.

1. Gather all your evidence.

2. File a report with www.econsumer.gov

3. File a complaint with whatever government agency in your country handles online financial fraud complaints. In the USA, it's IC3. In the UK, it's ActionFraud. If you are somewhere else, ask your bank and police for suggestins and post any answers you get here.

4. Contact your credit card's issuing bank. Explain how you tried and failed to deposit £50 and that the £151 was not authorized.