L.C. of UDayTrading.com has refused to answer any of my emails since I asked for a refund. He promised a minimum of 300 pips in the first 30 days, yet I only saw losing trade after losing trade. I wouldn't mind the losing trades so much but the fact that he simply refuses to respond to the last 5 emails I have sent him is annoying. In my opinion, people who don't keep their promises and also refuse to communicate with customers to try and reach a resolution, or at least state their side of the story, are scam artists. His refusal to communicate relegates him, in my estimation, to no more than a thief.
I appreciate the concerns of others. I also understand the emotions that stem from customer support issues. I too get a little upset when companies do not reply in a timely manner. I admit that I do become overwhelmed with emails and I try to respond to all of them, even technical support issues.
I receive over 200 emails everyday and to reply immediately to all emails when I receive them is almost impossible while I am trading full time during the London and New York session. I do my best to reply to all emails and the assist my members I have also created technical support manuals that all members receive when they use my service.
I also expect that anyone who expects to make money in the trading business be a pro active individual and try to learn as much about the service or program they expect will make them money. I apologize if this statement seems a little unfair or insensitive. I am always overwhelmed with members who want everything done for them and insist on taking no action to using my services, this is another reason I fall behind in my email reply's. It is a lot of work being a full time trader and operating mentoring services, but I will always do my best to resolve problems and make my operations work better.
I have been mentoring for several years and I always deliver the product or service I sell on my website, there is a big difference between a person who simply takes your money and never gives you anything and someone who give you service first and might have some issues to resolve in order to promptly reply to emails.
I think that the word "scammer" is used to loosely on the internet. I am not cheating anyone and I work very hard at my work and to provide my subscribers with service.
I have been with Uday-trading for about two months and so far am down 15% having LC manage trades. I am still looking for those 400 positive pip months and to recover. LC has changed what he offered on his website from when I joined and what is offered now. He promised a chat room but never shows up, he claims he needs to watch for trades and not be distracted to end the month strong, yet January was a big looser month. LC might be watching for trades, and following his technical master trader skills, but to me, its hard to see how a technical trader can loose money when the dollar index goes from 70 to almost 80. His wins tend to be small and his losses are huge in the past two months. recently he change his lot size to mini lots, I'm not sure why, is it to hide the losses by showing tiny losses or is it due to his decision to scale out of a trade (which i don't know why he would have to change the lot size)
LC states he is a professional trader who makes his living trading, that he has mastered his emotions in this regards. Yet, to the uninformed, the way he keeps changing what he offers on his website looks like someone reacting emotionally. A year subscription for $97.00 which includes a chat room (although he never shows up?), managed trades, and all his educational material is a great deal, if he is real and can make a minimum of 400 pips a month (regardless of lot size). Two month down the road, its not looking great. I also subscribe to a free signal email that has done a lot better than LC in the same period, which is hard to understand since he is a master trader and the signal service is just that. I'll give it more time and hope its only been a bad couple of months (although two months of huge price swings, which one would think would be money makers. I don't buy all the consolidation talk when I see huge changes in USD and no big winners)
In the end, LC is not a scammer, but perhaps someone who bit off too much, promises too much, and as a result leaves most disappointed.
Regarding all the educational material, LC should realize that we are looking at how he is using it to make or loose us money, why would anyone invest hours to learn his trading skills if they have not seen real results come through his Super Scalper EA? The concept of LC's super scalper is fantastic, a master/salve EA that makes the trades through LC himself watching the trade and initiating each end of the trade. Now, to see some of the results promised. Going on Month three and I for one want real performance from Master trader, LC.
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It is very simple: to be a full time trader and simultaneously to give full trading support to clients is impossible! That´s two jobs in one, won´t work.
L.C. says in his post that he always responds to emails as soon as he can. The fact is, I have sent him 6 emails since January 3rd - nearly one month ago, and he has yet to respond to any one of them. In addition to the lack of value of his system, which seems to lose money hand over fist, his lack of communication is the most vexing of all. There is nothing stating "No Refunds" on his website, so the courtesy of a response is the least he could own up to. It looks to me as though he hides from those requesting refund, rather than engage in meaningful communication about his lack of results.
Stony, I think LC could be a full time trader and take care of his clients through his master/slave EA, if his trading skill matches his claims. Time will tell. For now, IMO Cosmos might as well give it more time and see if LC master trader status is proven in open trades.
U Day Trading - It Gets Worse

Now L.C. has discontinued his Super Scapler for anyone who is not signed up with his broker, which means that he is failing to deliver the exact service people paid him for. He still does not respond to any emails sent on this subject or on the subject of refunds. His trades are mostly losing trades, which does not make him a scammer, just a bad trader. However, failing to deliver the service he sold and then to refuse to respond to any emails about this, does relegate him to the scam category. I do hope this scam investigation carries on with speed, before he scams any more traders. It is very frustrating to see his system continue to be promoted and not labeled as it should be.