UFX BANK make me lose all my money

Mohammed Ismail


I am a trader from Saudi Arabia, I was trading forex with UFX bank.

Every day my account manager(his name is Rami) call me and give me forex signals to trade. In the beginning the signals were ok, but later the signals that I opend them together with the account manager make my account go down fast, the manager open with me a signal which make me lose $6450 in a flash, after that he told me that he is sorry for that and he will solve the problem by opening an other signal that will me make me earn money. But the case goes worse,after opening two successful signals he make me lose $1365 also in a flash. And then also he make me lose $3479 twice and my account goes to zero.

I want some one to help me to get my money back from this company that make me lose all this money.




It sounds like you opened large trades with no stoploss or a stoploss so wide that it risked far too much of your account.

Did you personally enter the trades?

Did the account manager tell you how many lots to enter and where to put the SL?

Can you post a statement that shows the trades?