UFX BANK still a scammers


I would like to tell you that on Thursday, 03/03/2011 I decided to close my account with this company, and of course that was not welcomed by my account manager who tried to stop me in various ways by convincing me to withdraw only a part of my account or open a final deal, so when I refuse these offers he rudely closed the phone call.
After an hour of that, my former manager (Louay alhasri) re-call me trying to stop me from closing the account.
with all of these attempts to prevent me from closing my account and getting my money back make me so worried, I became so depressed and confused because of the bad treatment I faced by the representative of the company.
At the end, I was manipulated by Mr. Louay to open a last deal (Buy Silver), although I refused , but because of his determination and my mental state caused by the bad treatment of him made me agree to the deceit deal, (the spread of silver is 550 pips) which cost me $ 17150, the deal was opened by phone and Mr. Louay did not tell me that he used my full account of this transaction, so it closed in less than a minute after, losing everything in the account, It is clear that my account was not fit to open a transaction of this shape especially for a commodity such as silver, and for sure no honest account manager will recommend such a deal which obviously it was only to cause the loss of my money,
All this happened only because I want to close my account

So for all those who have an account in this deciving company and want to close their accounts DO NOT EVER LISTEN TO THEM AGAIN NO MATTER THEY INSIST (DO NOT OPEN A LAST DEAL)

I hope they don't decived another one after this

thank you
UFX Bank

:unhappy:Alaa, They sound like a scam alright, but you should never trade in that state always sleep on that kind of stuf. Sorry but you need to now gather your trade support documents and try the legal course. Good luck JM
They are scammers.. we shold all put pressure on them ..

And lets once and for all get them destoryed right away from the beginning if they dont solve this case.. lets kill them just like prime4x..
It has been long time since my case proven guilty against UFXBank, but until now I didn't received my money, I don't know what to do?
Do I continue waiting for FPA to do something about this issue with that company?
Or do you advise me to do something else?

I'm still confused and worried about losing my money...
this is exactly what happened to me ... almost to a T ... even the silver bit ... exactly .. now the name of these thieves is probably not correct ... the name of my thieve was aiman bassioni and his boss is maher and his boss ameen kassoum ... i bit you all are fiction .. they are simply thieves ... i can't understand how one can sustain that level of lies ...
The FPA Guilty Verdict will remain on UFX's review page to warn others. The FPA can't force them to pay you back. You need to see if you can file internet-based financial fraud charges from your country.