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General discussions of a financial company



i want to share my story

On 17 march 20, company called through people called Jad & Nasib Jordanian/Palestinian nationality same mine and kept chasing with me convincing with UFX trading then let me deposit amount from my credit card as he instructed as he the expert & specialist employed by UFX to make step by step for people who dont have experience in this field and nothing will i lose in worst case i'll return the debited amount.

then kept following say you will be vip customer,,, calling all the day

' i have all uk numbers+ uae numebers he called from' & you will see how he was pushing & annoying, then i decided to stop second day i withdrawa the whole amount i deposited, they he didn't accept the request and the as he told am not eligible to withdraw i have to debit more and make more deals then he will allow me to withdraw i sent email to them confirm withdraw but didn't respond!!

kept calling all the day he forced me to cancel request and promised to let me withdraw next day, and he made team viewer and pushed to put more amount & saw all my cards with ccv number saying he is doing this to my favor & he is same nationality will support to let me able to withdraw the money
Then he made account zero 19 march 2020 he was calling and putting me to contrtol room and he choose the number of deal and win amount & never put loss amount threshold and called saying i have to deposit again to make profit again in order to recover the loss as he missed last 3 deals and made wrong, i got crazy all amount from credit cards deposited and i have loans and liabilities,,, i begged him to return money as he is the responsible of all of this, please refer to his call records he said go get loan and debit more i refused then called said i'll let UFX give you 2000 usd but i refused i put 16725 USD
I blocked all my cards as he has all information & will use it in future
Why you haven't checked about them before you invested the money with them?
FPA Issued warning back in 2012 and it's available at their review page here https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/5004/ufx-forex-brokers


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Not much that can be done other than writing a review

and then also inviting the company to the thread (after 96 hours)

Both myself and @FxMaster have payment accounts ready to receive donation money, if you are freely giving it away. And for the tireless effort put into helping people fight scams, I think it is a good investment.

@Hiba87 Your thoughts please?


UFX or UFXMARKETS is the same thing, this company has made many state truffles careful and not invested, certainly surely cheated ... Anna Mancini is a scammer and works with them, look very careful !!!


UFX or UFXMARKETS is the same thing, this company has made many state truffles careful and not invested, certainly surely cheated ... Anna Mancini is a scammer and works with them, look very careful !!!
I guess most of the people know that UFX is UFXMARKETS. Thanks any way :)



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