UFX Markets Never pay you back


I have logged to UFX Markets website on March 21, 2012 checking it out and registered for a demo account. Next day their sales rep contacted me and convinced me to open a live account and that will allow me having an account manager advising me on trades, and I agreed to deposit US$ 1,000 and see how it will work.
One day later I got a call from me new “account manager” and he welcomed me in the company and gave me a trading advise which gave momentarily a nice profit. Couple of hours after he called me again and said there is an amazing opportunity, but I have to deposit US$ 4,000 more so I can go for it. He kept in doing that over and over until my total deposits in few days reached US$ 22,000. When we reached this level he started advising me on big trades which totally contradicts with my market analysis, if I went for those transaction I would get my account lost in couple of hours. He went for trades with 0 money management basics like using over 50% of the account for one trade.

I stopped taking his recommendations and started trading on my own with smaller amounts, until my account balance reached almost US 28K with the profits of my trades. Then I saw the links to their scams on one of the forums that directs the forex scammed people to this great website. After seeing the reviews posted here on them I have started talking to my account manager Mr. Fuad Malki requesting a withdrawal of US$ 4K, after long debate and a week of waiting I got the $4k into my bank account. After this withdrawal and couple of trades my account balance currently is $24,764, on March 31st I have request a withdrawal of $22K of my account and that is where all the games started. It is 10 days now since I requested the withdrawal and I didn’t get my money, I followed up with them several times by emails and started calling them over and over and each time my account manager try to convince me to enter into a new trade and I insist on the withdrawal until they today 10th of April 2012 where no one is picking up the phone in the company. It seems like they have barred the numbers I am calling from so they don’t have to deal with me.

I know I did a big mistake for not doing a proper due diligence before placing my money with this company, but I am where I am today and I desperately need help as I need this money back for an urgent matter. Will really appreciate any guidance or help getting my money back from this company, please.
At the time of this post my balance is $24,764 which is $18,000 from my initial deposits and $6,764 of profits.


Send an email to UFX. Let them know that you have a thread here and will keep it up to date about your withdrawal.

If they don't process the withdrawal within one more week, leave a 1 star review and open an FPA Traders Court Case.