ufx markets: the legal scam

Amr dulaimi

On august 1st the scam happened 15 days after I opened an account and deposited a total us 34221 and my account had made a good profit.
I received a call from This new guy ibrahim told me he is the boss of kamal so I can trust him
I kept mentioning that I want my account low medium risk and kamal assured me that he will not play with a big amount and ibrahim did
Broker ibrahim advised over phone selling of 400000 of silver when market trend was moving up
I had to trust him because I didn't study silver
I kept mentioning over the phone the fact that it's a high risk transaction of 400000 but he assured me to depend on Allah and go for the deal and he is sure about it
I kept mentioning are you sure sell not buy ?
He told me to limit profit on silver do to only us1000 only why risk losing us 67000 for a profit of 1000 it's a scam obviously
The deal was completely wrong evidently if I was given 5 minutes to analyse I would have figured it out
They also ignored my us 10,000 withdrawal before all this happened

Options for compensation
1- return the account as is before the phone call on that day
2- return the capital of us 34,221 and bear the loss plus attorney cost
3- give me back my us 10,000 withdrawal

I also have not read nor agreed on any terms and conditions in any form or way. No terms signed or acknowledged from me
How did you deposit? Credit card? Bank wire? Something else?

Go ahead and send an email to every address you can find for UFX. Ask them to please join this discussion and explain what happened.
kamal assured me that he will not play with a big amount and ibrahim did

This Kamal dude is not a licensed fund manager and even if he is he can't trade on your behalf as he is in a clash of interests. As he described it he was just "playing" with your account.

he assured me to depend on Allah and go for the deal and he is sure about it

Allah was not trading on your behalf so is Jesus, Mohammad or any historical religious personality :)

It's actually funny, a Muslim friend told me that Forex trading considered to be Haram (forbidden in Islam) and I guess that stealing people's money is also Haram.
The moment anyone invokes religion in the same sentence as investing my money is the moment I take my money and run far away.

I'm sure if you had told your so-called account manager early on that you belonged to some other religion, he'd have claimed to believe the same as you. I've seen the inside of more than one 419 scammer's email account. I've seen same scammer claimed to be many different people and also claimed to be Christian in some messages and Muslim in others. The only gods he truly believed in were money, other people's money, and way to make other people's money into his money.

Using a claim of shared religious belief and the divine blessings this is supposed to bestow on an investment is a way to gain the confidence of an investor and is a common thing done by con artists.
closing the complaint

I am receiving settlement from the company. They will give me me what I asked for with no problems and I am very happy with the solution I was given.
Its always good to see RESOLVED thread at FPA BUT still we need answer from Alex about Pharaoh's question.