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UFXBank problems

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by paul911, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. paul911

    paul911 Recruit

    Dec 16, 2009
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    Warning-warning -warning
    UFXBANK rating = - 10 ( minus 10)

    UFX Bank provide you with excellent trading conditions, execution and customer service in condition that you loose your money, but in case you win and tried to withdraw your profit they will block your account, prohibit you to access your trading platform and your account statement and chat service, and even if you want to call them to clarify what happened and to solve the problem they will treat you like a ****, no one respond to your calls or to your emails'
    avoid get scammed by this scam company because the only way they allow you to fellow is to loose your money without pity, all profit you make will be for them because no one can have a profit under the reason you are abusing our system.

    How delicate is their system to be abused by a customer, never ever trust them because they are liars, they promised me after taking all my profit I made me and my son that we will be able to trade again after passing 4 weeks from 24.12.2010 and till now they keeping fighting us with no justified reason

    It seems to me that those people providing their customers a fake trading, and they take the opposite side of their customers, that is mean if you loose they win and if you win they will not loose because your winning is for them not for you.

    I have a proof for every word here, I have a statements, closed positions, emails proof of every word I am telling and how they kicked us me and my son, and after a general and final resolution happened between us, that we will accept certain amount of 8000 usd instead of 132000 usd in condition that after 4 weeks they will let us access our account and allow us to resume trading, after this agreement made between us they refuse to allow us to trade with them, do you know why?
    That is because we know how we can take profit from them, and because if we win they will loose.

    Now and from now on, I swear that I am ready to teach every trader who can contact us how to make profit from UFXbank and I guaranty every word, and I will not stop until this scam company will go broke or shut down this fake business.

    Those people never honored their word.

    Never pay profit

    never respect their customer except for depositing

    never get real trading but false and fake trading

    pay good bonus to loose your bonus + your initial deposit

    those people can block your account any time and put you in the sake of god without pity.

    from now on you are under my target because you harm us too much despite all our good intentions to solve the issue peacefully.

    For contact details = paulbarcha911@hotmail.com
    PH= 61+ 393247247
    MOB = 61433693420

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