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UFXBank - Very successful formula for Success

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by Forex Artist, Mar 26, 2011.

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    Mar 26, 2011
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    My trade hit the TP 1 signal they provided me with. The price of the pair went past it. It didn't trigger and from there it went south and and and but the stop/loss did trigger. Thank God! I did a serious inquiry through my account manager, Jonathan. He told me that the price wasn't in the TP 1 long enough of the TP 1 to be triggered. I didn't accept that explanation at all. My understanding of a TP and especially the one they provide me with should be honored although it is past the TP even for a 1/1 000 000 000 of a millisecond. When it's through, it's through. He called his manager, Amy. She told me a totally different story. She said that I must be sure not to take their TP 1. The one they provide me with as the TP 1 but I must rather recalculate my own TP 1. To recalculate my own TP 1 I have to take my exact pip spread and calculate it into the the price of the currency pair and add that amount to my TP 1. Do the rest of the calculations, add their % of the take profit pip amount as my own and that will give me a pretty good idea of what I should of should not take as the take profit amount or rather percentage that I am supposed to use if I want to because it is me that is the one responsible for the take profit to be triggered because it was me who did the recalculations and is the one that hit the buy button. That is such an exact science and it is a beautiful formula. Ok, I comprehend. That's fine. I understood but big was the relieve to see that I don't have to do same recalculation with the STOP/LOSS. I lost a couple 100 000.00 with their dishonoration of their TP 1 signal not been HONORED by UFXBank but bigger was the relieve to see that at least they honored their STOP/LOSS signal. Otherwise I would have had looset my hole pip spread as well. Thank GOD.
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