Ufxmarkets robbed me of $ 1000 ! Scammers Scammers Scammers


Ufxmarkets robbed me of a $ 1000 ..I sent my acc manager Joseph an email to inform him of a withdrawal of 1000 dollars , in 10 mins after that he took on a trade and lost everything ...that was after I put the withdrawal request .. He called me and I explained again there was a balance of 300 $ and he was going to trade with that because my account showed that I have withdrawal the 1000$
He obviously have control over withdrawals and that was a deliberate move from his side . Now all of a sudden he is not in his office and the other a.?hole sounds more stupid than a goldfish

Joseph is very slick and the best bull****ter I have heard . I Will however find him!


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Never ever deposit money into ufxmarkets they are scammers and I will continue to say that until they prove me wrong .
If you have cash lying around , give ufxmarkets a try they know how to get rid of it
1. How did you deposit? If by credit card, immediately call the issuing bank and ask to speak to someone in the fraud department about whether or not you can file a charge-back.

2. File a complaint with Cysec.

3. File a complaint with econsumer.gov - Your site for cross-border complaints.

I dopsit via credit card .. I contacted my bank and they will look into the matter .

Josephp@ufxmarkets.com called me yesterday morning and said he is very sorry about what happened but he had a personal crisis he had to go sort out at home ...he also said he know it was wrong he'll call me back in the afternoon because he will try and refund me . I haven't heard from him since.
I however get the feeling he just wanted to test the waters with me .
I ve decided to log a complaint
Thank you guys for the help and support
Keep on top of your credit card issuing bank. Most employees in fraud departments are well trained, but there are exceptions.

Even if UFX refunds you, I still recommend a complaint to eConsumer.gov (with a followup note that repayment was received). Dig through the UFX threads here in Scam Alerts and you'll see you aren't the only one complaining about this sort of thing. A "personal crisis" is no excuse for committing credit card fraud.
Do a search of your fraudulent broker here on FPA for some further information.
I have been trying to recover $100K for one victim for more than a year now.
You are dealing with extraordinary thieves. You are lucky it is not a life-threatening debt you squandered.
Lesson for all involved.
that's right, but don't give up and do fill the complaint through the regulators and do insist to get your money by a charge back
Hi all , bad news is that since Friday last week I haven't heard from them .. And no money in my bank account yet I will attach my withdrawal request if it can maybe help.

Thank for all the advise .. I haven't logged a complaint yet because it said I should wait a week ..I will now however log one .