Hi Every Body
I Have Big Problem With Ufx Markets They Take My Money And I Trest Of Them Unforntiatly But Then I Findout That The Are Not Uet Regestard And They Dont Have Licened When I Join Them But Maybe They Have After I Dont Know.
Please Help Me To Get My Mony Back Guys.
Qassim Keraib
UFX Markets scam

I had the same problem that I couldn't get my deposit back. I became very suspicous after they kept on pushing me to add more fund to my account. Instead of adding fund I request to close my account just after few days I open it. After I told them I would like to close my account, I hear nothing from them anymore, they are not replying my emails, I even tried to call them but the phone just went silent.

I have report this case to the local Securities & Exchange Commission, and I hope they are able to assist me.

I strong advise not UFX Markets, they are really suspicious! Avoid them!

Please check your Traders Court case. There are a few questions in it.
I wish I had read your review before depositing money with UFX. I also have the same problems with UFX and the whole things now appears to be a huge scam. I deposited a large amount of money with UFX markets. I was dissatisfied with their services and I have been trying for about a week to withdraw my funds. This has proven impossible and they are just pushing me from one officer to the other as well as playing games with my emails. Right now it's become practically impossible to reach anybody at UFX by phone , something that was really not an issue when I was trading with them. Their response was an attempt to get me to deposit more funds and continue trading with them.
So far the process has taken a week and I am no closer than I was then. It also looks like that it is going to take a lot longer and I will keep posting updates on what happens
I hope this serves as a warning to all novice traders to a do a proper due diligence before parting with your hard-earned money.
My advice to all: KEEP AWAY !!!!
I just called the bank and they said nothing yet sent to your visa card can you please ask them when they sent the money.

Qassim keraib

Dear all

i did not recive my money yet but i will give the ufxmarkets my personal account at hsbc bank via fpa what do you think guys.

qassim keraib
Try to get someone from your bank directly in touch with UFX. This should end any debate about whether the money was sent and where is ended up.
Big forex Scammers using UK numbersto cheat people http://www.ufxmarkets.com/ar

Try to get someone from your bank directly in touch with UFX. This should end any debate about whether the money was sent and where is ended up.
Dear Pharaoh
Dear Qassim keraib

Please read my post in Scam alerts Folders and try to do your best to help me to get my money back
this company cheating me with more that 9 thoudands dollar .
Hurrah! I was able to get back my money after about a month. Hopefully all traders experiencing the same problem as I did will get back theirs too. Its just sad that one has to endure all the unnecessary frustrations but the good news is that I got back my money less the profit