I don't see any reply from UFX in either of those threads. The traders who started them need to file FPA Traders Court Cases.
UFXMarkets refused to returm my deposit

I opened an account 1 month ago and after they kept asking me to add fund, I got suspicous and decided to close my account. They are not replying my emails and I even tried to call them but the phone just went silent.

I hope to warn as many people as possible to avaoid UFXmarkets.

I strongly advise not to open account with UFX Markets! Avoid them!
Hurrah! I was able to get back my money after about a month. Hopefully all traders experiencing the same problem as I did will get back theirs too. Its just sad that one has to endure all the unnecessary frustrations but the good news is that I got back my money less the profit

thats good man but the said thing is you had to wait for while and go through some troubles to get your money back !
I have a big problem with UFX markets, I couldn't withdraw my money . who can help me in this situation please?