UK Options scam


I seem to be having a problem with UKOptions.
Today they canceled my withdrawal (USD 4540) request that was put in on the 11/08/15.
I have put in a lot of complaints by email, and I have tried to call them on several occasions,but there is no answers of the finance Department and for the Compliance Department.
I have sent a lot of mails to all the addresses I have for them, and I do not have any answer.
Mr Lucas Martin (my account manager) and Mr. Oscar Fraga (spanish speaker) have been dissapear.
Mr Oscar Fraga two weeks ago call me and He recognized that they ignore all my compliance because mr Lucas Martin was recent married and they are in building reform. They propose my to maintain the inversion I a bad condition for me. I proposed an accordance that consider the damages has they meade to me and never have a communication. Then I communicate them that I have consider to maintain my account close and solicte to return my money.
They retain my withdraw in violation all terms and conditions and against my will (kidnapping my money).
I wanted my money back and because it is impossible to do works with UKOptions without lost your money ..., but without operation in the binary market.
The pattern of behavior of the company with your investments have made history on this website (systematic procedures to kidnapping your money).
Now, I found that they management other broker company Visionbinary (take care).
Sorry for my english.
Get screenshots of everything. Call or visit your credit card's issuing bank. Ask to speak to someone in the fraud department. Explain exactly what happened and the current status. Ask if a chargeback is appropriate and possible under your circumstances.
yeah, give your bank a visit asap, and file a charge back, and then email the broker a link to this thread and invite them here..