Ultimate Forex Formula (Forex Premium collection) Refund Refuse


I purchased Ultimate Forex Formula a few weeks ago (fortunately through Clickbank) and up till now they change my refund requests to technical support on a daily basis, in this way avoiding to have to refund.

Is anyone having the same kind of experience with this company (shown as freedombloggingprofit.com on Clickbank)?
They already confirmed a few times that they should refund 'no questions asked', but tehy keep on asking all kinds of things.


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Hello eddiebbb,
Go directly to Clickbank using the link in their receipt sent to you upon purchase. They will take your complaint and reverse the charges.
Just tell clickbank your story and tell them difinitively that you do not want any further contact with the vendor, and have no interest in any further vendor support.
If your purchase was legitimate and paid, it will be reversed.
If you have any further problem, let us know.
Please explain your reason for wishing a refund, if you will.
Anthony Ingrassia, CTA
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I can understanding changing a refund request to technical support once. Sometimes the issue can be fixed and the client will end up being happy with the purchase.

What I can't understand is why ClickBank and other processors don't slap a limit on this.

Please do let us know how the refund goes and what it was that made you want a refund in the first place.