Ultimate4Trading.net Demo Scam!!


Everyone please stay away from this company. Ultimate4trading is supposedly a revolutionary binary tool that uses algorithms to predict the market and claims 70%+ win rates. Guess what, its a lie. Ultimate4trading.net draws you in with a very clever presentation and a load of made up awards they've received. The ultimate4trading demo is rigged and you can prove this in 2 ways. I was placing bids at the exact second another timed out then checked the starting price of one and the finishing price of the other and what a surprise they were completely different every time I did this. I then decided to work out if it was even possible to lose money on the demo so I just constantly kept clicking 1 binary pair for about 5 minutes and it turns out this bugs the software and causes you to win every time. Made about £20000 in less than an hour on the demo account. The real version stung me for about £400 which is what led me to investigate the demo mode. Also to get back to the demo mode you have to make up a new account and telephone number. Its a very clever scam!!