Unbitcoin is a Crypto/ Recovery Specialist Scammer


Popular Instagram user who goes by the user name of Unbitcoin -

Lists himself as a Bitcoin Minner/Recovery Specialist
Crypto Investor
Private Key Specialist
Script Writer
Forex Trader
Bitcoin Analyst

ALL A SCAM. He will be incredibly personable with you and can engage in the conversation for weeks making it seem quite legit that he actually has the skill set to help you in whatever your crypto needs may be. However he does what THEY ALL DO.... they will tell you to send them money for the needed software to create the scripts for recovery, send you the illusion that they have been successful at recovering your money, then give you a "window" into what looks like is your funds but is really just a falsified watch only account that has unspendable bitcoin in it that you can NEVER do anything with. Their next move is to tell you that in order to make is spendable is to deposit XYZ (usually several thousands of dollars) in order to activate the script that will make it spendable.

The verbiage and information sounds really convincing indeed! When you ask why the funds would be unspendable and need to be activated he will tell you that they are sitting in a giant mempool of unclaimed funds and the original scammer has a set of TMp scripts that are withholding the reversal of funds.

IT IS ALL FAKE and an easy easy grab at money for any person who is just so desperate to find a way to recover their hard earned money they lost in the crypto space.

Attached is pics of his WhatsUp contact info and his instagram ... hopefully I can at least get his social media (well at least this page) shut down, so he doesn't lure in more victims.


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