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Discuss UniversalBrokerageFX.com (Pat Kiley)

General discussions of a financial company
I contacted Crown Forex and this was their reply:
Dear Sir,
Universal Brokerage has an IB and is a money manager for accounts at crown forex, we have dealt with UBS since 2005, Pat Kiley and UBS have a good reputation in the

Swiss and European brokerage and investment banking community you can also refer to Trevor Cook within UBS his direct number is 001 612 281 7707, email trevorc@popp.net.

Best regards
UBSfx Managed Arbitrage Acct.

I do not know. I will contact them and find out what effect the Bankrupt Crown Forex has on their dealings with my account. I know that Crown is not the only one they deal through. I cut my holdings with them several months ago to 50k. I had too much in one place. I was warned repeatedly after the Made-Off scandal that it is a huge mistake to put too much of your portfolio into one broker since it is almost impossible for the little guy to do 100% due diligence on a broker. I was taking too much of a chance so I did the prudent thing and pulled most of my funds out of the UBSfx account for now. If they are not bothered by this it may be a good sign that are diversified and hedged enough to protect clients against this sort of thing.
Crown Forex is a scam. They're shutdown. They were sly and one of the most devious scam companies ever assembled. BEWARE! I met Pat Kiley and he gives a good talk but it's all lies. Trevor Cook is the head of this scam. Many have lost their life savings. One man in Canada only has $11.00. Pat Kiley took his last dime. If you call Pat's cell phone 952-994-9044 his voicemail is full. If you have money invested with this company you just lost what you invested. It's so sad. These people need to be put away for the rest of their lives. Hopefully they will.
Hello Bill

Thank you for the info, I have been calling his cell number and got a message saying his voice mail is full, also called his toll free number 1-888-292-8206 and got a message saying no one is avaliable.
Can anyone confirm the effect of crown forex on ubfx Dan Wadsworth did u get them? Where is marc trimble?
ALso noticed his follow the money site is down
Welcome to Patkiley.com - Sorry! www.patkiley.com is temporarily under re-construction
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Look what I found on UBFX's page:


Dear Investors:

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of recent developments at Universal Brokerage FX (“UBFX”) and the UBS Diversified FX Growth Fund (“UBS Fund”). UBFX and UBS Fund have received subpoenas from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission requesting certain documents. Our attorneys are responding to these requests. In addition, nine individuals have filed a civil lawsuit making allegations including fraud.

UBFX and UBS Fund are not accepting investor funds. Investors should not send funds to UBFX, UBS Fund, Crown Forex, or indirectly to Crown Forex via Entrust or Millenium. UBFX and UBS Fund have received information that Crown Forex is in bankruptcy proceedings. For more information regarding Crown Forex, see the following website: CROWN FOREX SA. UBFX and UBS Fund are unable to fulfill withdrawal or redemption requests.


Universal Brokerage FX & UBS Fund

I wonder if that mtrimble guy will ever have the nerve to show his face in the FPA again after spending so much time defending Crown and UBFX's relationship with them.
I wonder if that mtrimble guy will ever have the nerve to show his face in the FPA again after spending so much time defending Crown and UBFX's relationship with them.

Marc Trimble did reply in his own way.

He logged in on June 22nd, the same day Pharaoh challenged him in this thread. He then erased all of his posts in the Crown Forex thread.

I've restored all of his posts and locked his account.
Trevor Cook, in my eyes, has been a scam artist since college. I know, as he was an old housemate of mine at UM, as well as another player at UBS....

I am not at all surprised that they have wound up under Federal indictment.

Jason Cook (dead), Trevor's older brother, was a close friend.

Trevor is and was a total piece of crap, IMO.

It is too bad Trevor was able to fool all those people into investing with him. But they should have looked into his background, if they had, they never would have given him a dime.
this lawsuit might be only chance to recover funds

I was taken by Pat Kiley, I had my entire retirement, my children's college, my aunt and uncle's life savings, and my ex-husband's savings with pat and trevor. I also had people at work in it. The sad thing is I watched Pat's foreign currency trades through Bob Chapman's newsletter for two years before investing. He was right on. He had no reason to lie, cheat, and steal. I guess greed and laziness overtook that truthseeker. I have no doubt karma will deal harshly with Pat and Trevor. Meanwhile we need to recover the money. I think the best bet is joining the lawsuit by John Harper. He is a lawyer in MN, and is now representing approx. 30 of us. He is paid on a sliding scale. So if your account represents 10% of the pool, you pay 10% of the monthly bills. His address is 8000 Norman Center DR Minneapolis, MN 55437. Phone number is 952-346-1407. The more of us that join the better. Of course, file complaints with the SEC, CFTC, and Attorney General of your state also.