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Unknown Secret by Dittmann

Discussion in 'Has anyone heard of?' started by norm116, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. norm116

    norm116 Recruit

    Mar 19, 2010
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    has anyone ouy there tried karl dittmans forx unknown secret system.thanks norm
  2. Stony

    Stony Sergeant

    Mar 21, 2009
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    I didn´t try it, but had a look on the website. At first glance I noticed a performance statement where all items except the profits are erased. Ridiculous - any further research unnecessary. Stay away!

    Besides - no trading system or expert adviser will give you profits continually. And the money back guarantee - just forget it. Learn to trade by yourself, there is no sneaky way around it.
  3. ahab666

    ahab666 Private, 1st Class

    Dec 30, 2009
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    well it's working but ....


    i tested it and made good profits but ....

    you need to monitor and manually trail the S/L so if you are trading on 5,15 or 30M you virtually have to stare at the screen every 5 or 15 minutes - there are absolutely no automatisms ...

    if you trade on larger scales it is indeed possible to make 7 to 10 % gain per week - but missing the trailing can be quite fatal .....

    just take a look at MT Intelligence - Statement for ahab_nm_5

    till now i traded on 1H - all the losses happened when i was away of the open trades for several hours - i guess missing 2 or 3 new Candles in the 4H domain might even be worse ...

    another fun fact - the contact address displayed at karldittmann.com is a P/O box in Frankfurt/Germany. some of the mails from the Support (karl@karldittman.com) are signed with warm regards Karl Dittmann....
    so i sent them/him some questions in german - guess what - i was asked to rephrase in English by an avatar or may be even real person named Ashley - quite strange indeed ...

    hope that helps a bit - cheers ahab

    FOREXIRON Private

    Feb 18, 2011
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    Karl Dittman Scam

    I want to alert all Forex traders that the name KARL DITTMANN is a scam.

    The modus operandi :
    1) Offer free indicators which he picks up from other free sites
    2) Sends his offer of his own indicators
    3) Resends second offer of indicator citing its an upgraded version
    4) The payment site Plimus - | Plimus - Sell Online, Web Ecommerce, Online Shopping Software doesnt work and he asked to pay through his support staff's Dina Savelyeva registered under the email a***@xxxxx.com. The name itself is not German and as claimed by another forumer, he was asked to translate his mail from German to English as obviously, he is not German.
    5) Omitted the terms of 30days free trial money back guarantee
    6) Uses the photo of a European man to make the name KARL DITTMAN more realistic
    7) Email used karl at karl dittmann dot com
    8) Uses the term 'Let meknow if you need anything, I am willing to help' to convince you that he is super sincere.
    9) Once you asked for refund, he will show you a screen that the payment was not complete with a list of other buyers who has status 'Issued refunds'

    I now confirm that this is a spam as the same product is sold at both the sites but with different prices. Refer to :

    "Fibonacci Miracle" indicator by Karl Dittman >> sold as US11.90.

    Moderation Note: The site mentioned above is a forex software piracy site. When you see discounts this big, ask yourself if the site is real or not before posting links to it.

    Fibonacci Indicator - Fibonacci Miracle - Forex Software >> sold as US76


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