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BDB steals a lot of money from traders, so they can afford to give their employees plenty of days off.


2nd Lieutenant
Why has CySec Ombudsman refused to consider you case
Most likely it will require a complaint within the ATTORNEY GENERAL’s OFFICE of Cyprus


“The Attorney-general and state Legal Service officials send the message that such unacceptable actions have no place in a country governed by the rule of law.”

Cyprus had allowed criminal Businesses to be registered in their country, so they better resolve the outcome FAST, before the entire island implodes!

Aussie Scammed

Jim Young of Banc De Binary emailed me to introduce himself on the 2nd February 2016 saying the company is licensed and regulated in Cyprus by CySEC and their office was located at the address in Limmasol.
Every deposit slip he asked me to sign has BDB Services Ltd (Belize) on it -
BDB Services- 35 Barrack Road, Third Floor, Belize City, Belize
So the deception starts right there, in that first email.
2016 02 02 Email from Jim Young.JPG
When I contacted the IFSC Belize, I got this:

Dear Liz,

You should lodge this complaint with the regulator in Cyprus.


Neri J. Matus
Director General

Even after pointing out that my deposit confirmations stated the money was in Belize. The Director General kindly responded again to another question I had.
I informed the Director General that I had been given an invalid complaint number from Banc De Binary to lodge a complaint with CySEC and the statement of CySEC says they only take complaints online. The Director General advised to write a letter to the legal department of CySEC with an explanation and request to help. ISA replied with "Do not cc this organisation in matters not concerning this Authority's jurisdiction.
CySEC replied
Kindly do not cc CySEC incommunications that do not concern this Authority’s Jurisdiction. CySEC has a complaints procedure as per the automatic reply


Round and round and round and round

I have contacted the Privacy Commissioner as the address used on the YouTube copyright takedowns is mine and has been stolen by Banc De Binary staff. They were the only ones who knew the level of detail needed to lodge a copyright complaint with those details. Accompanied by fake email addresses.

Someone will pay the price for their crimes. I am sick to death of it, but I will not stop fighting for my money that was stolen and the hell I've been through since.


Cysec ad IFSC each hope to pass the buck to the other. Email them both at the same time and CC the ISA in Israel as well as any new regulators BDB's managed to register with.

As for that prosecutor who's house got bombed, I wonder if anyone's checked to see if she's involved in any investigations of Binary Options companies.


Hey Samantha, yes I lost $150,000 and am $50,000 in debt on my credit card.
I have discussed what happened with my bank and I am currently in chargeback processing.
These lie spreading misrepresentative companies are white collar crime.
I've been reading your links. Could you please post Wolves newspaper article and soundbite link for me? Thanks.
How did you go with getting money back? I am in the hole USD250k so I am interested to know

Sajjad Khan Sun

Stay away from Binary options and Binary companies. 99% of them are scammer. Try FOREX and trade only with regulated forex brokers. then you won't scammed ever and life will be peaceful.


Stay away from Binary options and Binary companies. 99% of them are scammer. Try FOREX and trade only with regulated forex brokers. then you won't scammed ever and life will be peaceful.

I can name several regulated forex brokers which have scammed customers. Avoiding binary options is sound advice, but even well regulated forex brokers need to be carefully checked before depositing 1 cent with them.

I will never trade again. EVER.

If you ever change your mind, remember - do the trading yourself. NEVER let a forex broker employee place or call a trade for you.