UNSUPPORTED CLAIM - Professional4X - Account Manager


Highly suspicious person
I'm the professional4x account person on myfxbook.com you are referring to.
You are only posting this absurd allegation because I presented information on myfxbook.com which you feel was incorrect. Now you are mad and attacking me.

Here is the link.

Furthermore, your allegations about any financial transactions from you are absolutely false.

I do not know you, nor have we ever conducted any business that I am aware of. Your allegations are false.

You're attempt to further slander me is absurd simply because you disagree with my opinion of your trading account.

Please act like an adult and cease any further absurdity on your part.

Allegations are false and are nothing more than retaliation for my postings on myfxbook.com that the individual does not agree with, simply review the thread I provided reference to, and you will see the disposition of the conversation.

I believe they are being dishonest with their presentation of the trading account in question and posted t he evidence to that thread as to why I believed it was so.

This is nothing more than retaliation because they do not agree my opinions.

Thank you.

Furthermore I am an active participant in this thread:

As you can see, I regularly call out scammers when I find them, and regularly post information about what people should be looking out for.

Furthermore, you say that we regularly communicated via myfxbook.com internal emails, and yet, no such record of those emails exist, because they did not take place.

This is nothing more than a childish and feable attempt of retaliation on your part.

Cease and desist any further false allegations.

Oh and by all means, PLEASE DO post the information if you have any to show exactly WHICH account you are suggesting fraud was committed with.

Which account with the Navy Federal Credit Union did you transfer these funds to?, and please show my real and true name, on those documents, and any additional supporting information.

I hereby authorize you to post here ALL financial records and all supportive evidence in this case.

By all means, please do post EVERYTHING, also be sure to include the transaction codes and document transactional timestamps and all receipts for the claimed financial transactions.

I'm quite sure that navyfederal.org would LOVE to talk to you about just how serious of a problem it could be for you, to make such false allegations. Signing a sworn statement for the court which you know to be false, is in fact a serious crime.

But please, by all means I am confident they would most certainly love to have you come sign a sworn statement for legal processes. I am quite confident the IG would be quite happy to meet you there as well. Please let me know when you would like to show up, I will let legal know you'll be coming in with falsified documents that you intend to use with a Federally regulated facility.

Admit you were lying, and that you are simply retaliating because I believe you are a scammer.

Be an adult, admit you are wrong, and move on.

Also, I believe your personal account that you're most angry about is this one.

I mention this because right after you responded to a posting by me, you created this false complaint against me, and posted the link to the above discussion thread.

This complaint should be immediately closed with the only possible verdict: NOT GUILTY and that ALL allegations by you are FALSE.

These posts are not related to the topic. Offtop. Special deviation from the topic in order to divert attention from oneself.



Can't you see that this is an inadequate person !? And here are some strangers from some Myfxbook?
Who blocked whom and where?
I don’t understand who he is there and why he mentions different users. He probably no longer knows where the wind blows into his unscrupulous back..My name is Alex Gussman.
I found several more victims of this scam-manager. We have submitted a collective application to interpol, and at the moment we have no legal right to publicly disclose information on this case.
As soon as we have such an opportunity and legal right, I will personally publish all the documents and data on this fraudster.

I think that people see his reaction and read some of his posts in the same Myfxbook, and have long made their conclusions about this liar and fraudster.

Ok So rather than actually post any evidence you continue with just ranting and posting useless information.

You filed a false claim and refused to provide the supporting documents.

You're a criminal and a blatant idiot.


These posts are not related to the topic. Offtop. Special deviation from the topic in order to divert attention from oneself.

Still waiting on the documents. (You can't post them because they don't exist.)

By all means, please post the documents. They're easily verified with the credit union as being falsified.

The credit union would very much like to have a copy of them for your prosecution. Thank you.


You attempted to defraud and slander me, and you've attempted to use falsified international banking documents, which is a serious crime.

Also, you're just posting nonsense to redirect people from the truth. You've exposed yourself. Thank you.


False claim
Interpol doesn't work that way.
Navy Federal Credit union would like to speak with you.
You're a liar and it's obvious that you're just making this up.
Post the documents or shut up. End of discussion.


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I have all the evidence and bank transfer documents !!!!

You have claimed to have evidence. The person you are posting about has repeatedly asked you to post the evidence you claim to have. Now I'm asking you.

If you have evidence, attach the files to your next post in this thread. If you don't have evidence, tell everyone why you claimed you did.