UNSUPPORTED - Xm broker trying to cheat

Already done Sir
But. No response
You haven't done it correctly, when you do it correctly, one automatically message appears in your thread like this

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Hello Everyone,
Last Friday suddenly my trade closed and 2181.7$ cut from my account without any reason. The mistake i have make only one that i continue my trading and turn 1000$ into 4000$ almost. But its not mean any broker cheat us. Dear forexpeacearmy team, please take serious action about him to return my hard earned money reverse back and give me my withdraw. I have sent many requests to him but they are not giving any positive feedback. Please do justice everyone.
Here is my account number: 80963456
i was scammed as well. trying to make a case against us.. can you add me on +44 7404 XXXXXXXX so we can build a case against them