Upcoming Signals Overview (April 25 ~ 29, 2011)

Henry Liu

Former FPA Special Consultant
Hey folks:

Last week, the U.S. dollar weakened significantly against its major counterparts. The USD/JPY continued a downward trend reaching a monthly low of 81.85. British retail sales reported a higher than expected outcome as the British pound reached a year high of 1.6567.

The Euro landed at 1.4647 but the debt crisis continues to keeps traders at a cautious distance. The USD/CAD reach a yearly low at 0.9453 as the exchange rate through North American trade drops in anticipation of a rise in Canadian retail sales.

Here are the tradable news releases for the week:

1. Monday April 25, 2011- 10:00 am EST – USD New Home Sales
Historical Chart and Data

2. Tuesday April 26, 2011- 9:30 pm EST- AUD CPI q/q
Historical Chart and Data

3. Wednesday April 27, 2011- 4:30 am EST- GBP Prelim GDP q/q
Historical Chart and Data

4. Wednesday April 27, 2011- 12:30 pm EST- USD FOMC Federal Funds Rate Decision
Historical Chart and Data

5. Wednesday April 27, 2011- 5:00 pm EST- NZD RBNZ Interest Rate
Historical Chart and Data

6. Thursday April 28, 2011- 8:30 am EST- USD Advanced GDP q/q
Historical Chart and Data

7. Friday April 29, 2011- 8:30 am EST- CAD GDP m/m
Historical Chart and Data

USA, Canada and England will report the month’s GDP while Australia hopes to rebound from the trending drop in CPI.

This Friday at 12:30 pm, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke will speak at a community affairs research conference in Arlington about the country’s financial stability. As head of the central bank, he will likely give clues as to the future of interest rate levels and monetary policy.


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Thanks Henry !


I've updated my Google calendar with the release times above.

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Instructions (you only need to add this once and it will appear every week)

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I update this based on news listed in the FPA calendar and then update every week shortly after Henry releases his weekly review, so you should only need to add the calendar once and from there on you'll get reminders every week to help you trade :)

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