Upcoming Signals Overview (May 30 ~ June 3, 2011)

Henry Liu

Former FPA Special Consultant
Last week’s news releases revealed that economic recovery on a global scale is still suffering. The US dollar carried over momentum from last week but weakened on Friday against its major counterparts. The primary cause of this is that consumer spending rose less than forecasts, indicating that the Federal Reserve will hesitate to push up interest rates. Also, US GDP missed forecast of 2.2% and remained unchanged at 1.8%.

The Euro saw a slight bounce back on Thursday but the overall outlook continues to be poor as the Euro zone Debt Crisis continues to push insecurity all throughout the market. Greece is on the verge of defaulting their payment obligations and policy makers feel that the burden will be felt globally.

Here’s what’s important for this week:

1. Monday May 30, 2011- 8:30am- CA GDP M/M
Historical Chart and Data

2. Tuesday May 31, 2011- 9:00am- CA BOC INTEREST RATE DECISION
Historical Chart and Data

3. Tuesday May 31, 2011- 9:30pm- AU GDP Q/Q
Historical Chart and Data

4. Wednesday June 1, 2011- 4:30am- UK MANUFACTURING PMI
Historical Chart and Data

5. Wednesday June 1, 2011- 8:15am- US ADP NON-FARM EMPLOYMENT CHANGE
Historical Chart and Data

6. Wednesday June 1, 2011- 10:00am- US ISM MANUFACTURING PMI
Historical Chart and Data

7. Wednesday June 1, 2011- 9:30pm- AU RETAIL SALES M/M
Historical Chart and Data

8. Friday June 3, 2011- 4:30am- UK SERVICES PMI
Historical Chart and Data

9. Friday June 3, 2011- 8:30am- US NON-FARM EMPLOYMENT CHANGE
Historical Chart and Data

10. Friday June 3, 2011- 10:00am- US ISM NON-MANUFACTURING PMI
Historical Chart and Data

We’ve come to the busiest week of the month. The US Non-Farm Employment Change looks softer by 50K jobs at 194K compared to last month’s number of 244K. Job growth continues to be the central factor affecting the global recovery so on trend report should indicate steady recovery.

Canada expects an upgrade in GDP forecasts to 0.2% from the previous release of -0.2%. England’s economy recovery seems to be dormant at the moment. There shouldn’t be any significant news that’s capable of changing the sluggish outlook on the market. Policy makers look for strong indicators in order to set a timetable for interest rate hikes.

Don’t expect Euro to gain any significant change; Inflation is high, employment is weak, and consumer spending is low. The ongoing debt crisis continues to cripple the outlook of a recovering future.


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