Upcoming Signals Overview (May 9 ~ 13, 2011)

Henry Liu

Former FPA Special Consultant
Last week, the markets were shaken up as sector reports didn’t result as forecasted. The US ISM manufacturing report came out better than expected as a result of increase interest in US exports from foreign businesses while UK manufacturing hit a seven month low at 54.6.

US ADP reports showed a drop in job creation even though the nonfarm employment rating jumped to 244K. Governement hiring remained low even though job creation was accomplished over a broader spectrum.

The AUD, Sterling, and Euro all held their interest rates in an attempt to drop growing concerns over inflationary pressures. Central banks are looking ahead to the following quarter in order to set the trend for the rest of the year, so interest rates in Europe and Australia might see a hike come in Q3.

Here’s what we want to focus on for next week:

1. Wednesday May 11, 2011-9:30 pm- AUD Employment Change

Historical Chart and Data

2. Thursday May 12, 2011-8:30am- USD Core Retail Sales m/m
Historical Chart and Data

3. Friday May 13, 2011- 8:30am- USD Core CPI m/m
Historical Chart and Data

This week will not be as busy as last week. There are three sector reports that we want to pay special attention to. Wednesday’s AUD employment change will be revealed; while the unemployment rate looks to stay the same, Australian economists forecast a significant drop in unemployment numbers. The US will report the monthly retail sales but don’t expect any shocking releases as the overall idea remains that retail sales will suffer due to high gas prices. Inflation continues to threaten the economic recovery so expect Friday’s CPI index to rise as food and energy costs continue to soar.


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