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Upcoming Signals Overview (Nov 23-Nov 27)

Discussion in 'Current Forex Trading Signals' started by Felix Homogratus, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. Felix Homogratus

    Felix Homogratus Commander in Chief

    Oct 1, 2007
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    Hi there :)

    This is Felix with overview of the upcoming week.

    We will be trading the following reports. Below each report, I provide a link with its history and charts. This way you can see how much money could've been made with them in the past.

    I will email you 24 hours before the time of each report, and tell you exactly how to trade it. This is just an overview.

    1. Monday, November 23 (8:30 am New York Time) Canada
    We will be trading Canadian Core Retail Sales. History & Charts:
    Forex News Trading | Details and History for CAD Core Retail Sales m/m

    2. Tuesday, November 24 (08:30 am New York Time) USA
    We will be trading US GDP annualized. History & Charts: Forex News Trading | Details and History for USD GDP Annualized

    As you may already know, if I feel an economic indicator can reliable move a currency pair by 30 pips or more, I will include it in my signals. These are the only two this week that I feel are capable of affecting the market by that much.

    You can see the entire list of economic indicators by visiting FPA calendar: Forex news trading calendar with economic events analysis and currency exchange charts

    To see the history of each report with charts, simply click the "file box" to the right of each report.

    Let me repeat myself...this is just an overview email, you will be receiving an email for each individual economic report, with exact instructions on how to trade it. You will get these emails 24 hours prior to their release time.

    Good luck
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  2. mechtech63

    mechtech63 Corporal

    Jul 25, 2009
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    Excellent Felix,

    These look good. I was eyeing these and thought you would pick them. :D
  3. shane Watkins

    shane Watkins Recruit

    Jul 8, 2009
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    news trading

    How does one get into the Dimonds room to trade t news?
    Can't get any contact info on the web page.
    Is it still going?
    Is is there some one else that trades t news that you would suggest going to.
    I would do it my self if the news feeds weren't so prohibitory expensive.
    My Email free-kiwi@hotmail.com

    For any help and the info you post
    Thank you


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