USA State Level Help (financial regulators, consumer protection, and police)

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USA State Level Help

Of course major financial frauds need to be reports to the FBI, SEC, CFTC, etc., but if you are a victim living inside the USA (or a victim of a US-based scammer), sometimes a report to the correct state agency can get action sooner.

State Financial Regulators

Trading Stocks and Commodities isn't just a concern of the SEC, CFTC, and NFA. US States each have there own securities regulators.

In 2020, a South African Ponzi scheme started expanding into the US. Despite many earlier reports to the South African authorities, the first government agency anywhere to publicly announce any action against this very obvious scam was the office of the Texas State Securities Board. You can read all about that scam HERE.

Need to find the securities regulator for US State (or a Canadian Province or even Mexico)? The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) has a page just for you:

State Consumer Protection Offices

States have a number of ways of organizing (and disorganizing) their consumer protection departments. For example, in Florida. you'll find in mixed with meat, fruits, and vegetables. :p No, really, it's the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Finding these for all 50 states and a few other US controlled places would be a pain, but this page will point you where you need to go:

State Police

US State level police agencies vary. Some are solely concerned with traffic on roads. Others offer the same range of services as you would expect from county and local police. The difference is not always obvious from the name. Some state level "highway patrols" also deal with other crimes and some "state police" are only there to deal with what happens on the roads. You'll have to check for each state to see what's covered. This link will take you to a list:

If you want to find the local police agencies within a state, go to the state level police agency's website. Many of them are kind enough to have a list.
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