Using Joe DiNapoli Indicators - MarketPlus Report Week of April 15th

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I work with Joe DiNapoli as a part of his organization and pleased to share some of our MarketPlus commentary with FPA members.

Below is a link to our MarketPlus report which is still quite new having been reshaped in recent weeks. The report for this week covers EUR/USD, Gold (Comex), Rubber (Tocom), Palm Oil (BMD). I realize the latter two markets are more geared to the Asia markets and corporate clients but thought it might be helpful to share since it is part of the weekly report I create.

Click here to view our video report

The video is divided into sections where the first does show some of the proprietary D-Levels indicators and advantages over traditional indicators found in most platforms. I do work with all the software vendors containing DiNapoli Level indicators (CQG, NextVIEW, eSignal, TradeNavigator, etc.). If you have any questions, I'm happy to assist.

I was formerly a registered futures broker with the NFA and no longer. Currently, I am an NFA member and registered CTA (Commodity Trade Advisor) with the National Futures Association. I currently reside in Singapore and am originally from the U.S.

Hope you find value in our reports and feel free to provide any feedback. We also offer classes on our website on both Joe DiNapoli techniques as well as how to apply professional spread strategies using options on futures to manage risk in tandem with technical analysis.


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d-levels Representative
Sorry, had to update the link I had posted earlier in case anyone was trying to review. There was a modification I made on Palm Oil and adding the KLCI index. Many here probably don't trade those anyway but just wanted to be complete. Will be posting updates here shortly along with option spread strategies. I've been receiving many requests on trading higher time frames for currencies. My suggestion is where option spread strategies allow a trader to work with low margin and manage the impact volatility could have intraday on a small account. Most spotFX traders are forced to be glued to a monitor trading intraday with small account sizes.

Currency option spreads like calendar swaps help one to move into working with higher time frames by lessening sensitivity of near term market movement.

Greg Davies

Hi Derek,
I'm interested in viewing the video report but when I click on the link I'm asked for a username & password. I tried my FPA login but this didn't work. Where do I create these details?