Jonathan Higs


I have had the misfortune of been scammed by Utrader

I had originally dealt with a guy Mike Johnson he proceeded to lose 2k of my investment in 4 trades a few weeks later he called me and asked me to allow him to replace the 2k and trade. The trades went better but I had a tip from another guy and I boosted my funds to 12k by trading my own trades on oil.

I then tried to withdraw 10k this is when all my problems started they would not authorised the account they keep saying they had not the info for weeks I sent it to them by Skype and email. Eventually they blocked my email and Skype.

After a while I was contacted by another guy Jessie James and Nick Gordon I believe these two were the same person. They told me I had to trade volume to release the funds I was very frustrated but after emotional blackmail they got me to place numerous trades all of which lost blowing my 12k

2 days before xmas they called me asked me to invest 3k and they would double it overnight and I could withdraw 5k the next day for xmas guess what........ yes 3k gone and once again I was blocked.

All in all I got caught for 12,500 from these scum bags please don't get caught also

Peter Trainor
I know the actual location of the office of UTRADER, Mike Johnson is just a stage (fake)name, all of the agents of UTRADER are from Philippines as well as their office.


Have you get your money back?

Yes, I got my money back from chargeback and also because my bank is standard chartered which those scammers have a good relationship with, so they returned the amount that using my standard chartered credit cards without chargeback, minus 1K USD. And the rest of the cards, chargeback were granted. So, I got almost all my money back, minus 1K USD.