UWC cut my bonus*2 without any warning !!!

Profits restored

Dear clients, forum moderators and forum members.

I gladly inform you about the decision that has been made by the Company regarding the paragraph 2.3 (D) of the Trading Credit Policy which came into effect on the 4th of April 2011.

Thus, the paragraph 2.3 of the Trading Credit Policy has been voided and will be rewritten in the way that no profit will be deducted. Any profits from bonuses that were deducted have been credited back to client’s accounts.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Yours sincerely,
Kris Antoniewski
The profit has been indeed restored.

Unluckily for UWC, this promotion has been a boomerang for them. I am sure they have learned something from it.
For the last time,

13/04/11 13:02 For the last time, give me back the $20 - my PROFIT - you cut from my account ! Ion Manda
13/04/11 14:25 Dear Ms. Ion Manda,

Our trading policy says , that if we gave you a bonus , and you didn't deposit any of your own money in the last 30 days, we are aviable to take away our bonus + the commision which is equal to the money we gave to you.

Kind regards,
Madara Sausina,
United World Capital Limited
I am still waiting for my $20. Just $20 ! My money, my profit !

Mr. Kris Antoniewski,

As we spoke on thw chat, I expect to make a withdraw tomorow;
it seems ok with my profit. I hope the withdrawal request will be aproved.

Kris Antoniewski |11:53
You can currently withdraw 47.97 and the remaining 12.41 will become available to for withdrawal in 72 hours after closing your last position Ms Manda

Ion Manda | 11:55
So if I understand well, I AM ABLE TO WITHDRAW the $60.87 tomorrow ?

Kris Antoniewski | 11:57
Actually Ms Manda I've just checked the statement and the last position that you've closed was 1030557 2011-04-12 17:24:34
Is that correct?

Ion Manda | 11:57

Kris Antoniewski | 11:58
The time 17:24 is in GMT +2 zone therefore you will be able to withdraw tomorrow 15th of April after 17:24 GMT +2
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One more chance

Dear Ion Manda, FPA forum moderators and users.

On the 7th of January 2011, United World Capital and OKPAY launched a joint promotion to attract new customers with a $100 trading credit (bonus). The free gift was non-withdrawable, but the profit could have been withdrawn any time after minimum 5 lots have been traded.

The promotion was valid until 31st of January 2011, despite this the Company has extended the promotion and it was available to claim up until 28th of February 2011.

Replying further to the issue that has arisen after the new Trading Credit Policy came into effect as of 4th of April 2011, which applies to all Trading Credits and Bonuses issued before or after the aforementioned date.

On March 25th 2011, the Company published the new Trading Credit Policy notifying all customers using all available means to inform the mass: the news site, posts on forums, sending internal mail.

After reading the herein mentioned policy, any client could easily understand the conditions applicable to previously received trading credits (bonus).

Thus, each client was given the opportunity to take measures and to avoid any actions against charging-off the trading credit (bonus) accompanied by the equal deductions (if any) from the trading Account balance (paragraph 2.3). Moreover, numerous clients have claimed their profits before, from the free gift and many others have secured their trading credits (bonus) and their profits by depositing their own funds before the herein mention policy came into effect.

Dear Sir Mr.Kris Antoniewski

I understand that the isue was fixed for traders who was in profit.
But I lost ALL MONEY because I was not profitable.
But this is not fair, from my point of view.
I want to ask you for one more chance, because the fact that you did NOT make any anouncement regarding the change into the trading conditions. You only send to traders a mail about NEW BONUSES !!!
Please, how about giving me ONE MONTH with the initial bonus, after 1 month you will withdraw the bonus and I will continue trading with my profit - if any.
Dear Naibody,

Unfortunately, your trading credit bonus cannot be restored if it was deducted accordingly to the Trading Credit Policy.

At present time United World Capital is not offering any free trading credits to its existing or new clients. However, you can still benefit from our various offers of the new bonus program introduced on the 4th of April.

Yours in Service,
Kris Antoniewski