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Problem Valley Tech Spec Limited

I am having an issue with a company
company offering forex, gold, financial trading product require to obtain license from financial regulator, the license can be cross check with financial authority website. if broker company operate without verifiable license number, most likely it is fake trading, and your trade doesnt pass to the real market exchange
All of you wanting to try them out and you want to believe the Girl is real... lol.. I would let them know that you really enjoy talking to them and thank them for their tips, but suggest that you are going to invest in a broker that is connected with you bank with. They will get upset and insist that you trade at ValleyTechSpech. If the girl really likes you why would she care where what broker you invest your money with? She will keep giving you good advice and you can trade with whoever.. Think of it this way. Imagine your friend knows some insider information on sports betting and he can give you the winners of the games why would he care if you bet on bet365 or another site. The answer is clearly they will only care unless they have a vested interest where you bet. Basically your friend would not care more about where you bet your money over how much you win.
All of you wanting to try them out and you want to believe the Girl is real... lol..

Hi , let me share my experience to you
I have met a girl through tinder and she pushed me towards investing money in forex and ask me to opt Valley TechSpec as a broker so I did and invested 8,000USD. She gave me a number of a person called Mike who is based in UK and he helped to me get registered with this trading firm and help me top up the money.

Now they want me to deposit more money in this trading account as they say that you will get a trading tip if you reach to 30,000 USD.

I am still trading through this broker by using MT5 app and would like to know if it is legitimate broker to move forward
It's a scam, try getting your money out or contact details
Website : https://www.valleytechspeclimited.com
Fake address : Barlow McCormack, Level 1 Bloomfield Terrace, Lower Hutt, 5010 , New Zealand
*using address from an accounting firm
NZBN: not registered
Missing Financial Regulatory Number to offer FX, CFDs trading product
Not a real trading broker firm
apparently scammer also cant afford a business telephone number..

i also checked the address scammer use, apparently belong to a legit business
Website : https://www.barlowmccormack.co.nz/details.html
Business Type : Chartered Account
Address : Level 1 50 Bloomfield Terrace, Lower Hutt, NZ
NZBN : 9429036581184 (https://www.nzbn.govt.nz/)
You're onto it, it's 100% a scam the ask for 2000 to be sent to get your money out and don't give any contact detals