VantageFX: Affiliate account cancelled


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I’m looking to get some advise and to warn other people about Vantage Fx. I signed up as an affiliate for vantage fx at the end of October. In that time I have managed to earn $5400 in commission. After asking to be paid I got a email to say that my clients were not following any trading pattern and they were only trading the minimum to unlock my commission. I knew this was absolute bollocks so I compiled a document showing every one of my clients full trade history they were all making between 5-10 trades every day. After sending this document to vantage I received a email from David billy to say that he has terminated my affiliate account which means I can’t log into the affiliate portal. They took all my hard work and then sacked me off when I requested payment. If anyone would like to have a look at the document I have included the link at the bottom of this post. What makes this situation worse is I employed marketers to help me get clients I agreed to pay them a cut out of my commission. I am not getting threats of legal action against me due to the fact I can’t pay them. Vantage FX are a shocking company to work for don’t let there high CPAs fool you like they did me. I now have no leg to stand on they have said they are not going to reply to any more of my emails. Any advise would be much appreciated.

Link to the document: commision.pdf?dl=0


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...... Any advise would be much appreciated.

1) You must reach out to them and invite them to this thread. Ask for comment. Whether they reply or not is not important. You must ask them to come to this thread and respond to the allegations.

2) Have your introduced clients been able to withdrawal ok?


Even it was a case where traders were trading the minimum and then leaving...well, so what? Wouldn't the cost already be covered by the minimum volume? Or wouldn't you raise the minimum volume so that the cost can be covered?


Ultimate advice: only deal with Prime of Primes or brokers with verifiable PoP relationships. They tend to do much less scammy stuff.