Hi there,
I really need some advise I have been a vantage affiliate for a month now. I have worked really hard to grow my social media account and also employ a trader to give my clients trading tips. On my affiliate account it says I am owed a balance of $5400. No worries vantage are refusing to pay me because apparently I have been churning clients. I have spoken to multiple people who have been affiliates with vantage and they refuse to pay a lot of them. I have explained the situation sent them screenshots I was told a few days ago that I would be paid in 48 hours and then I got a email to say it would be held for another month. I have done exactly what vantage have stated in my affiliate contract. I have marketers and a trader who are now threatening legal action against me because I haven’t paid them. This whole situation is causing me massive stress. I have tried to explain to vantage that my whole business that I have worked hard on is going to fold because I’m counting on that money to pay the people I owe. Vantage are a shocking company to be a affiliate of - everyone I have spoken has had the same problem. I have attached a few screenshots of emails I have had from representatives from vantage. I’m just completely stuck on what to do and need some advise thanks everyone