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VantageFx or Vantage Fx Australia is a scam and Market maker

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by trada4m, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. trada4m

    trada4m Recruit

    Jun 25, 2016
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    VantageFx or Vantage Fx Australia is a scam and Market maker . their platform is full of stoploss hunting and reqouting and price slipping against the customer. If you sustain these things , VantageFx simply makes a plan and rubs your money directly from your account.
    I have been with them for several years, until I realized they took my account out of my control and did whatever they liked against me to nullify my account during brexit.

    I was successful in keeping my investment from harm and I had correct direction before brexit, what VantageFx did was converting my buy stops into buy and not letting me to close them until mid-day , meanwhile delaying my sell stops for several minutes and slipping them with more than hundred PIPs. extending the spreads up to tens of PIPS , then using my queued orders against me and poping them one by one at any time they liked against my benefit. Vantage Fx did all these while I was completely left with no control from the time VantageFx started wiping my account to the time they completed, which took about 3 hours.

    VantageFx is definitly a market maker and I have seen people saying they have been asked to close their accounts and leave while they have been profitable for long term.
  2. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh Colonel

    Oct 3, 2007
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    10s of pips during Brexit is not surprising. Some of the other actions you report are.

    Copy the link to this thread and send it to every address you have for Vantage Fx. Ask them to come here and explain exactly what happened with your account.
  3. Heydave55

    Heydave55 Recruit

    Jul 2, 2014
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    Hello Trada4m

    I am interested how you got on with Vantage FX I had big problems with them, I can only conclude they stopped out my account Cos they did not have my account on STP processing and they wanted to steal my money. Dave

    PS in the past they always gave me a margin call and the opportunity to top up my account in this case nothing just bang just before the market was going to swing up they stopped my account out. They Know how to play us newbies. Story unfolded below

    I am really disillusioned at present.

    I recently opened an account with "Vantage FX" Sydney Australia. ? I checked and was assured I had an STP account.

    Then out of the blue with no prior warning. I had my account stopped out and I lost 31K NZD$

    Status of AC No.26789:
    Equity: NZD -2109.27
    Margin Requirement: NZD 907.34
    Margin Level: -232.47%
    Margin Shortage: NZD 3016.61

    The thing is in the past, they would send me emails and alerts to let me know I had a margin call, I then would go ahead and top of my account.

    This time is they gave me no notice ( I KNOW NOW, "or as they say" , under their terms they are not obliged too give me a margin call) but in saying that they did so in all past cases.

    But not this time they just stopped out my account. What really gets is I was in Gold and EURUSD and the corrections the next day would have seem me fly into positive positions and I could be up 10 K not down 31 K.

    Their only response was that they were not obligated to contact me. I know now, it is clear, I did not have STP and they played me. They strung me out and lead me to believe that it was not a problem. I was under the illusion that as they had in all other times, they would contact me and tell me, I had a margin call. But this time out of the blue just before Gold and the USD turned around. Without warning they stopped out my account. A very hard lesson learned. A lesson here for newbies like myself, some brokers Like Advantage FX just can not be trusted.

: vantage fx

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