Varengold Bank FX


I am submitting the case against:
My Case is: I was totally scammed by Varengold Bank and their fund management body (

Mr. Ahmad Maarouf the Dubai branch manager deceived, mislead and being totally unethical by introduced me to and explained to me how they have very conservative approach with a consistent return and they are the bank authorized fund manager.
I followed his instructions and in a matter of 3 days only I lost my entire $100,00 !

When I tried to contact forexportoflios Mr.Maarouf and Varengold Bank branch in Dubai used to answer my calls but since I lost my money He totally ignoring my calls and emails.
Both Varengold Bank and forexportoflios had exactly same physical floor and room address plus same contact phone and fax number !

After this issue Varengold bank has changed their address in Dubai and denied any affiliation with !

Mr. Maarouf denied and connection with forexportfolios and refused to contact me or respond to my phone calls or emails.
Company representatives' emails:
Ahmad Maarouf<>


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