Vault options cheating my Deposit


I received email since 26/12/13 from Vault options give me Xmas offcer Bonus 300X,I invest $8000 Deposit but they want me to invest $10000,say that AIG insurance will protect my money but I not enough money, A broker name Mike Johnson too phone to give me a tips within 4 days I really got earning,but when I check the vault options involve a scam and Mike Johnson didn't update my account he charge my credit $9011 & bonus just $11500 is not $24000,I using chart to contact Mike, They saying he out of work since 1/1/14 until now I also email when 07/1/14 to Mike would like to cancel my account & wish to refund my Deposit But they never reply my email , some person keep calling me say my account getting Lose ,I need to addition $5000 if not I can't get my deposit .They want my Debit card.This guy really like robber cheating my money, I really sure I got profit, I can show you all my account detail.Hope you can help me to get refund my deposit.thank you so much.
If you deposited by credit or debit card, contact your issuing bank immediately. Ask to speak to the fraud department. Then discuss what's needed for a chargeback.

In addition to, you may also want to give AIG a call to inform them of this. There is no such thing as an insurance plan on a trading account. If George Soros can't get insurance for his trades, no one will insure your trades either.

If you live inside the USA, also file a complaint with Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | Home

Whatever you do, no matter what else they say, don't send them any more money.
Thank you very much

They lied to you, AIG will never insure a monkey business like that one. Why didn't you check that out?

How did you deposit anyway?

If with credit card, contact the issuer for a refund also drop your complaint here - Your site for cross-border complaints.

And of course file a court case with FPA

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your advice, I should check that out, I already cancelled my credit card and call bank to dispute the about transaction .But I wish you can let other people know be alert this Vault options .I think still have a lot of people get cheated from this Binary option.
Dear Sir,

Thank you for your advice, I will cancelled my credit card and call bank to dispute the about transaction,but I need to wait for bank comfirmation,I already submit all my account detail. I did a big mistake didn't check it early,This Vault options involve a scam. Hope you can let other people know be alert this binary option , One thing how to cancelled my account in vault options? why they can login my account to do trade?because I check my profile some invest is not done by me, I didn't touch my account anymore when they want me to addition $5000 more deposit they will know when I login my account they will keep calling me,but I so scare I didn't answer the phone.
Dear Sir,
Once I will get refund my money from bank, I will let you know.In this case can you let me know I still have to leave this complain case in traders court? how to do next step ?