Vault Options Scam


VaultOptions01.jpgVaultOptions02.jpgOn the 4th Oct.2013 I opened an account at Vault Options and fund it with €100 (the balance is in

$US because I made the mistake of not changing the currency. They accepted as $US even after I did

use my credit card from a European bank in €euros). On the 6th Oct. I decided to withdraw my money

without having done anything whatsoever about trading. My balance was the same $100. Two days after

(8th) I enter the site to see if the withdraw was accepted and my balance was $76. I have checked

my account and someone did put a trade for me. I decided to call them, talked to a person from

their office, exposed all the situation and he said to me that he will send me an email right after

our conversation in order to regulate all this situation. Th email never arrived and by the end of

the day my balance was $93 because someone has used my account again to trade but this time it was

not a lose. Today (the 9th) I opened the site and my balance was $45 because they used my account

again and they lose. So I call their office, talked to a girl, explained her what was going on and

she said no one was there to talk to me but they will called me back as soon as they could...
Today is the 10th of Oct. and they didn't call back... I opened the site and found out that someone

traded using again my account. My balance is now €20. Called them again, spoked with a girl, she

said there was nobody with I could talk to and she would call me back as soon as the right person

get in the office. Until now, the 20th! As I don't know what else to do, I thought it was better

write this text and send it to the right organization... maybe you can help me or, the least, avoid

that other persons would be exposed to this scam.
Thank you.
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Hello Catarina, I will talk with them regarding your issue soon can you please share some screen shots if you can.
Contact the fraud department at your credit card's issuing bank. Explain the situation and ask if a Charge Back would be in order.
Hi Salim

If you have somebody from Vaultoptions, maybe you can assist with my issue as well. I have tried getting in touch with them, but no one is replying on my email. I initially deposited US$2k as I had been informed by my broker, Philip, and Robert, that I can do a secured trade if I will have a balance of US$2k. Meaning, whatever I trade, if it lose, I will get back my money.

However, when they trade for me, I lose a total of US$1,586. I tried contacting them, they had told me that I just have to sign the form they provided them. The form is for bonus, when I checked this with the broker, they told me that they only have one form for all the types of issues they are handling. Unless I sign the form, I could be able to get back what I lost.

I send them the form, but till now, they have yet to revert back to me. And I had withdraw my remaining funds of US$100 on 15 October 2013, but till now nothing had been credited to my account. I deposited through my debit card.

Here is the scanned copy of the withdrawal that had been approved but yet credited to my account as well as the form they asked me to sign.

Hello Catarina, I will talk with them regarding your issue soon can you please share some screen shots if you can.


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