Vault Options


This company is a scam and this is why? My name is Jerry Evens, I live and work in the United States. I opened an account with these crooks on 01/07/2014 after watching a video of one of those supposedly gurus of binary options trading. Less than an hour later, I received a call from one of their brokers named Michelle, she welcome me to the company and fed me a bunch of lies which I swallowed to the last drop. As a newbie to binary options trading, she was so convincing that I funded my account right away for $250.00. We began trading the same day and since this was my first time ever trading binary options, she dazzled me with her knowledge and may I say her success rate. I believe she was 4 for 4 trades and took my $250.00 account to over $1000.00. Before she left that day however, she pressured me to send additional $1750.00 deposit to bring my account to the gold membership which I declined. I wondered why I had to make additional deposit while I was making profits with my initial deposit she told me unless I do that, she will not be able to work with me. .She then asked me to refer my friends to her and if they opened accounts with her then she would continue to work with me. Believing all she told me, I refer two of my friends to her the next day 1/8/2014. They both went ahead and opened accounts for $250.00 and $1000.00 respectively. I have regretted doing that ever since I know what I know now.

Once my friends signed up, she reneged on her promise and told me her supervisor said she couldn't work with me anymore unless I make additional deposit. Meanwhile my referrals were getting railroaded. Agree I was naive for believing what she told me without doing a due diligence. I advise everyone to please research these companies thoroughly before signing up with them. Regardless of what their Reps tell you, the devil is in the details. Since she told me she couldn't work with me and had no trading experience, I decided I wanted out. That's when reality hit me. I found out I could not withdraw any part of my balance which has now grown to about $2200.00 until I traded 30 times my deposits plus bonus meaning to get back my investment, I now have to make at least $15,000.00 worth of trades. I was discouraged but not defeated by the new development. I decided to sturdy the Terms and Conditions and discovered everything I was told by Michelle before funding my account were a bunch of lies. I decided then that I will fulfill every requirements in that document or I will never see my hard earned deposit. I went to work, signed up with a more reputable options company and learned how to trade binary options, then traded with my balance at Vault Options by myself with no help and in less than a month, rolled my account into a $6,555 profit. At this point I exceeded the amount of trade needed for me to be able to withdraw my deposit as well as profits. I did a withdrawal request first on the 27th of January 2014 for $3000.00. That request was cancelled with the excuse that I can only withdraw my initial deposit of $250.00 via the credit card used for the original deposit and was instructed to request a wire transfer for the rest of my withdrawal which I did promptly. From then on it was back and forth with them. Every request I made was cancelled for one reason or another. About 7 days later they finally send me my initial deposit. Since then however I have tried to withdraw the rest of the balance in my account without success I traded and lost about $2000.00 leaving $4005.00 in my account as we speak. I have provided them with every document requested and each time received acknowledgement from them. They've tried to frustrate me so they can steal my balance but I have refused to give up. I earned this money legally and with my sweat and all they are trying to do is scam me out of my money. I have saved every e-mail between us as well as the documents sent to them. This is the worst of the worst and they are the scum of the earth. I will provide you with whatever documents you need to prove above statement.
Chances are that you will never see those profits, but all hope isn't lost.

1. Did you or any of your friends deposit by credit card? If so, call the card's issuing bank. Ask to speak to the fraud department, and carefully explain the situation. ask if a chargeback is an option.

2. Since you are in the USA, you can go directly to the CFTC and file a complaint. Make sure any of your friends who are also in the USA do this too. Plus, anyone in the US can file with

3. As long as you are at it, you can go ahead a complaint with