Wire Withdrawls

I not sure if you can help with this or not, but here goes. I opened an account with vault options with a deposit of $2000.00 with email address of Made some trades and then asked for the $2000.00 back. I got it back and with what I had made off that it left a good sum of money in the account. after about two weeks later I decided to go ahead and request a wire withdrawal of the remainder of my balance of $4204.00(there no bonus given when I opened the acount, this was just profit) that was on 4/05/13. From that point they requested wire info and I sent it into them. The next thing I know the request was canceled and of course no one knew why. So made request again on 4-17-13, then canceled, then 4-26-13 it was cancelled,4-27-13, 5-2-13, all canceled. They kept saying please send in wire info for withdrawal and I sent it in 4 or 5 times by that point. On 5-13-13 the request was finally approved, so i waited for 5 to 7 business days for it to show up in my bank account like there wab site said. . today is 6-3-13 and it still has not showed up in my bank. Once I saw that it was not in the bank after 5 to 7 business days, I began to call, leave messages, send emails to customer support, tech support, back office, and the dealing room and live chats.No one would respond and when a few times they did they said they would look into it or it will take 10 to 15 business days for it to show up...On May 27 I spoke with my broker Michael @ ext 406 he said he would request accounting to do a trace to see where it went to.. I proceded to call him afterwards daily and leave messages, and email and live chats and spoke with him twice about this and all he says is they are working on it.......As of today It still has not showed up in my account ($4248.00). They will not take my calls or reply to my emails. I do not know who else to contact about this matter, and I hope you can help with this problem. I know this is not actually a scam but when you can not get your money from a company or any info I considere that a scam. AS you can see by the attachment there is no momey in the account....$00.00 There are no personal emails just My brokers ext is 406


I saw that FPA rated VaultOptions as 1 Star, does this mean, this broker company has yet to be identified as a SCAM? Does the cases that had been filed against them at FPA had been dismissed or resolved?