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I am looking for a managed account and I´ve found Managed Forex Accounts | Forex Trading | Forex Investment | Managed Accounts .they guided me to open an account with vidamarkets. minimum deposit was 10000USD . after opening an account in juni 2012 they start managing in august 2012 . in november ,I was not convinced about their trading, though i want to revoke my LPOA . Vidamarkets told me ,that I can´t withdraw my money till my account is flat. Till 15th of january 2013 they haven´t closed two trades , although the trades were with about 900 pips in loss .
At 15th of january my mt4-account stopps and since then I haven´t access to my account.they told me the following:
"Thank you for your email. We are aware of the issue, as due to server maintenance clients temporarily cannot access their accounts. The master account is working normally. Please bear with us until the issue is resolved."
several times I asked them , when the problems are solved , and their answer was always, that they understand my frustration and they will revert as soon as their accounting and analyses will completed.
I have attached some Email corespondences .
I hope I can get help from Forex Peace Army.
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Hi Wolf

Many thanks for your application for a Forex managed account. The next step is to open a brokerage account where the trade team have their PAMM account, and this is a very simple online process.

All investor trading accounts are established, owned, and controlled in the name of the individual client. This means that you own the account, and you maintain both direct control and complete access to your own funds, which can be withdrawn at any time.

The brokerage for the Premium FX managed account is based in New Zealand and of course is Fully Regulated, by the FMA which is equivalent to the FSA in the UK or the NFA in the USA, it is also a non-dealing desk brokerage. Client funds are held securely in Deutsche Bank or DBS Bank.
Vida Markets also belongs to a 3rd party NZ Financial Complaints and Dispute Resolution Scheme, which covers investors funds up to (NZD) $100,000.

Vida’s website is:

Next Steps
We have created a PDF visual guide to help you with the Vida Markets brokerage online application. As you will see it is a very simple to open an individual account.

Please go to this URL to start the online account opening process:

Go to -

Please do this as soon as possible and then you will be contacted by one of the Vida team with your account approval and bank wire co-ordinates.

Once you have the bank wire co-ordinates you can wire your funds to your brokerage account. When your funds have cleared then the trade team will begin trading your account.

Upon having submitted the online Application Request Form, please be so kind as to confirm your submission to us at so that we may ensure you receive an expedient processing time.

If you have any questions then please get don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We would also appreciate it if you can confirm receipt of this email, as sometimes files with large attachments can end up in the junk folder etc.



Can you change the primary password on the account? That would let you close the remaining trades.
hello pharaoh,
excuse me the late answer, but i haven´t found this site , thank you for your reply.
i´ve only a "only read password" and this password doesn´t work, that means, i can´t open my account since 15th of january.
Contact them again. Ask if you can submit a new LPOA naming a new account manager and have that over-ride the old one. Make someone (anyone) you can trust into the account manager, have that person close the trades.
they have told me, that all trades are closed, but my problem is ,that i can´t log into my account , because the mt4-account doesn´t run since 15th of january.they told me ,they have problems with the software .i have asked them again 4 days ago but till today i haven´t got an answer.
Email VidaMarkets again. invite them to come to this thread and publicly explain why you can't access your account for many months.
i ´ve mailed them again but they didn´t answer either here in this thread nor to me . i´m desperated for on my account are about 9-10000 usd.
what can i do next?
If the statement below is true, I think you need to contact the NZFDRS right away.

Vida Markets also belongs to a 3rd party NZ Financial Complaints and Dispute Resolution Scheme, which covers investors funds up to (NZD) $100,000.
now i´ve got this answer from vidamarkets:

Hi Wolf,

Please note that we are receiving your emails. Mr. Pereira, legal council to Vida Markets will be following up with each client effected personally. There have been losses on the accounts due to a technical error, and he is going through the cause/effect, extent and potential recovery options available before addressing each client. We appreciate your patience in the matter.

Kind Regards,
While you are patiently waiting to hear back on how Katie will solve all of your problems, go ahead and contact the NZFDRS. If the problem is fixed, then no harm done. If not, you'll have put yourself in line ahead of others who are hesitating to file complaints.