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In this thread, I will post our weekly video reports to give you tips on how to make money as a bunch of currency pairs dance the week away on the Forex dance floor.


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Watch the video!

Have you been wondering about the US dollar strength and where it might be heading?
Is a strong US dollar good or bad?

The Dow Jones FXCM US dollar index which measures the value of the US dollar against a basket of the most liquid currencies in the world, has climbed to its highest level since it was created.

Today's article includes all you need to know about the US dollar strength, along with technical analysis of the USD against its major counterparts including:
> AUD/USD >Dow Jones Industrial Average, Gold, Oil


In the video:

On the USD/JPY weekly dance floor, the pair has broken above the 61% Fibonacci and key resistance level of 105.30, and currently approaching the next key level and high of 2008 at 110.

On the USD/CHF daily dance floor we saw a formation of a Doji candlestick pattern on Monday after the pair broke above yet another key resistance level at 0.9452. The pair is now moving strongly towards the next bullish target.

Charts and Video

What's your thoughts on US dollar?
Do you think the dollar rise will last?
Please let us know!
Australia and China had some hot economic data out that worked in favor of Australian currency this morning during the Asian session..

Today's video covers a longer term outlook on AUD/USD, USD/JPY and EUR/USD. Also find technical analysis for:

> Dow Jones, Gold, Crude Oil

On the daily dance floor, Mr. Aussie continues to bounce up and down like crazy against the US dollar between the 23% Fibonacci level at 0.8851 and the previous bottom at 0.8670. This consolidation is obviously the calm before the storm, and a confirmation below or above the rectangle chart pattern could set the tone for the new trend.


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European investors started Monday by testing risk appetite in the Euro-zone market, and their euro-lust continued till Tuesday. But how about the long term view?


In today's video I cover a longer term technical outlook on EUR/USD, AUD/USD and USD/JPY. Also find more technical analysis for:

> Dow Jones, Gold, Crude

EUR/USD remains above a key support level but below the Ichimoku cloud, as the market is testing investors risk appetite in the Euro-zone. Our outlook remains bearish with 1.2495 and 1.2260 as targets, however a break above 1.2890 would change our outlook to bullish with 1.3100 as first alternative target.

Are you ready to say yes to risk appetite? For which markets?

Watch more in our video!
Somebody's full of surprises. Somebody.


Check out today's video to find out who, and to also find technical analysis for the following major pairs:

> GBP/USD > Dow Jones/ Gold/ Oil

Did you see that on the USD/JPY forex dance floor? Mr. Japanese Yen has been full of surprises recently. Although we were predicted his fall for such a long time, most of us weren’t prepare for such a hard fall so fast. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at the daily Forex dance floor for Ms. USA and Mr. Japanese Yen.

Watch more in our video!
It’s a bank holiday here in the USA so Ms. USA is taking a rest on the forex dance floor while her counterparts take the lead.

That’s why today I want to start with a major cross currency pair and continue on to two non- American currencies who seem to have intelligent-sounding English accents according to Ms. USA.


EUR/JPY is dancing above the Ichimoku cloud but failed to break above a key resistance level at 143.42 last week and is approaching a bearish target at 142. A break below this level could open doors for more drops towards 140.35 while a break above 143.42 would change our outlook to bullish with 145 as first alternative target.

Watch more in our video!
Today I’m focusing on Mr. Euro as he dances against Ms. USA because we have some evidence that EUR/USD could clear out the bottom in the near future. But the question is, how low with euro go?

Check out today's video to see my long term views on the pair based on euro-zone crisis and technical analysis.


Thank you for watching. Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating!
The dollar seems to be in a bad mood after Thanksgiving weekend and I do have a very personal announcement to make.

Oil prices were up Monday and accordingly the reversely correlated US dollar was down apparently not only because of the oily shenanigans but also by rejection of the USD/JPY pair at market open on Sunday night after Japan was downgraded by Moody. Mr. Euro took this opportunity as he dances against the US dollar and jumped up.

See what happens on Mr.Euro and our technical ourlook for EUR/USD.

From oil prices, to euro-zone economy to my personal life event story; click here to watch today's video and also for more technical analysis on AUD/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CAD, USD/JPY.


Thanks for watching. Invest responsibly and I’ll see you next week.
Remember we talked about Japanese snap elections a few weeks ago?
Japanese Prime Minister Abe at the Liberal Democratic Party won it in a snap!

Another less important but still exciting news out of Asia is that Invest Diva won the Best Financial Media Content Provider Award at the Shanghai Forex Expo :)


So what does this whole snap election victory mean for the economy and Mr. Japanese yen? On the economics side, this means that “abenomics” will carry on.
will the Japanese Yen become weaker after this?
Check out today's video for more details on Mr. Aussie as we as technical analysis on EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY.


What do you think will happen to the Japanese yen with Abenomics back in the game? C'mon over to our Facebook page and let us know.

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