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Hey everybody
I'm a representative of Vladimir's Forex Signals and Mentoring and i'm going to post here some of the picks that Vlad makes during the Live Rooms, weekly and daily forecasts. All trades are based on divergences which is Vladimir's basic method of technical trading. Fundamental analysis are also taken into consideration when needed.
We are going to discuss forex, commodities, indices and stocks.
I hope that you will be able to profit from this thread
Eyeing USDCAD for a buy opportunity from the daily trend line
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Daily chart creating is hidden bullish divergence. We follow the up trend line on D1 + current support that creates a zone to look for potential bottom and buy opportunities. We need bullish candle pattern around the bottom area also MACD to create new low and then turn bullish again to start the attack. First target is 20 MA of h4 chart or down trend line h4.

Interesting sell Opportunity for EURUSD ahead
As EurUsd broke 1.3200 yesterday and reached the H4 down-trend line we can start looking for sell.
The pair has bearish hidden divergence as well. Chart16.jpg

On the 1 hour chart, EURUSD has a trend line and a support coinciding at around 1.3250/40

If it manages to close below the support and the trend line that will be our trigger for the sell.
First Target: 4 hour 20MA
final target should be around the last low of 1.3110.
Stop should be placed above the down move trend of the 4 hour chart

More details at: http://vladimirribakov.com/forex-ma...cast-interesting-sell-opportunity-for-eurusd/
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Short term sell opportunity for AUDUSD

AUDUSD is coming closer to stiff resistance at around 0.9300 and 0.9310
We will look forward to sell AUDUSD in short term for at least 50-100 pips
There is divergence on the 4 hour chart + RSI and Stochastic in extreme.
There are 2 ways to attack this pair. With a bearish candle pattern on H1
at the top or with a break and close of the trend line and closest support
again on H1.
More details at: Short term sell opportunity for AUDUSD | Vladimir Ribakov

Discussing RBNZ interest rate decision and its impact on NZDUSD
More details at: Discussing RBNZ interest rate decision and its impact on NZDUSD | Vladimir Ribakov

"Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) Interest rate decision is scheduled in the upcoming Asian session. Central bank is expected to keep the OCR rate unchanged at 2.5%
In the last several meetings, RBNZ Governor Graeme Wheeler has talked down the currency, showed concerns regarding the overvaluation, and spoke about the intervention from time to time."

Technical analysis show that the pair has reached a down trend line on the D1 and 38.2% retracement from the last down move further more there is an up trend line on the H4 chart and support at 0.8010. If it manages to break and close below this level we can expect to see it at 0.7920, which is also 23.6% Fibo level.
Alternatively if the pair pushes higher and breaks the down trend line next resistance will be 200 daily moving average at around 0.8150.
Good day traders!
The idea for today's trade is to buy for the retest of the broken daily TL on USDCAD
2 trading scenarios to attack it:

1.Going with the bullish divergence on h1 and h4 on major support
2. Wait for the break and hold of h1 trend line together with resistance at 1.0320/30

for more details about this USDCAD trade click here
Here is our Trade of the week. Great up move based on M15 divergence
and break of wedge pattern on H4 and the pull back. Risk:Reward - 1:2,3

trade of the week1.png
and another opportunity for today on EURGBP
Keep in mind it's Friday and the market might be zigzagging!

Two scenarios:

1. Follow the wedge pattern formed on H4 and the resistance at 0.8430/40
A break and close above and we can start looking for divergence on the H1 with bullish candle pattern to enter
Stop below last low and TP around 0.8520 which is also the gap close

2. Alternatively if the pair pushes lower we can look for clear bullish candle pattern on the H4 on any of the supports
to come around 0.8320 and 0.8280.

Pay close attention to 0.8280 on the weekly chart we see this is the 50% retracement level of the last up move.

You can find more details about this trade setup by clicking here

Good day traders
This is our trading plan for the cable today.
We are going to trade the gap with either of the 2 scenarios:
Scenario 1:
Break and close below h4 support at around 1.5930 with bearish candle pattern on the 1 hour chart with SL above last high and TP1 : gap close at around 1.5880 TP2: 1.5820

Alternatively Scenario 2 might kick in in case the price pushes higher:
1.5980/1.6000 is the next resistance zone to follow closely if reached and then with bearish divergence on h4 we can jump in.
both targets will be the same but SL should be above 1.6040

Read the full article on my blog by clicking HERE

Hello friends
Today's opportunity comes from NZDUSD
We have 2 trading scenarios

1. We are looking for clear stop around either of this resistance levels 0.8250 or 0.8280
Bearish candle pattern on the H1 + divergence on the H4 will be our trigger for sell.
First target gap close which is also around the second trend line (see the screenshot below)
Second Target - daily 20 moving average
Stop loss - above last high


2. Another way to attack this pair is to watch closely for the H1 trend line + closest support at around 0.8160 break and close.
Target 1 - same as scenario 1 gap close/second trend line
Target 2 - daily 20 MA

To read the full article please click HERE

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