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We are proud to present our best service of VPS Forex for traders around the world, the price of the people of great quality!

For bookings our vps forex please visit: Background: High Quality Machine
After a long time have experiences about networking server include forex investments, we are belive many people need vps forex to running forex robot for better investment. With our technical knowledge about server and networking, we know how to create the best server for running forex platforms like Metatrader, cTrader, etc. Provisioning: Instant Activation
After you pay the services, we are automatically sent you detail VPS credential to your IBOX, and you will can remote your VPS after 5-10 minutes. Uptime: Guaranted 99.99%
We understand that in this industry nothing can be 100% perfect without interruption. We are always ready 24/7 to handle all problems and will give you all WhatsApp live chat to get you more fast response.

We are very well know that Auto Trading need reliable and the best server, so we use uptime robot technology to minimize negative impact with your Auto Trading. With alert, you will get early notification if any internet problem in your VPS.

Support facilities are Live Chat, Whatsapps, sms and direct Phone
(+62) 811-25-11-VPS(877)

Full Administrator: Full Access to your VPS.
You will get full access to your VPS with administrator priviledges. We are not blocked any port so you can use VPS for all purposes.

As usual, you sure can remote your VPS using Remote Dekstop and VNC. Flexibility: Upgrade, Downgrade and Buyback
We understand that traders' needs are always dynamic. You are free to increase or decrease your RAM or Hardisc with prorated calculations. Even if the unfortunate conditions happen so you have to stop using VPS then we will help you to sell the rest of your VPS usage so that your VPS is not useless without being used. In this way you can still earn the rest of your money with prorated calculations. You also do not have to worry if you have to buy VPS for a longer term contract, 6 months or 1 year, because we can resell VPS if you do not use it again.

If you need more specification that we dont have the package, you also can discuss for VPS Custom. Many company using this service to meet their requirement. Avoids Oversubscribe
This is more technically understandable. The virtual name can be set not in accordance with the actual physical. We are committed that will not profit by dishonest and fair ways. We provide services openly with the provision of the appropriate slots paid by users. Whether true or not, many VPS providers are selling VPS well above the actual server's physical server threshold. In you will not find it. This commitment will avoid you getting worst VPS. server location: USA & EUROPE
We've made cooperation with several colleagues to provide some of the best server options. Not close the possibility of another server we will soon present

Dedicated IP Public
We are only use 1 IP Public for one VPS, so there is no port when you setting your remote dekstop. This is better concept for VPS security & privacy that many VPS provider forgoten.

The basic differences of packages of VPS are:
  1. Lite Package, bring with cheapest price with minimum RAM start from 1.2GB. Can be use for newbie with only running one Auto Trading platform.
  2. Pop Package, increase RAM to 2.4GB if you need more than Lite.
  3. Medo Package, increase RAM to 3.5GB and CPU also, to more high processing.
  4. Pro Package, provide with 6GB RAM and dual vCore CPU.
  5. Super Package, provide with 8GB RAM and tripple vCore CPU.
  6. Xtreem Package, provide with 16GB RAM and 4x vCore CPU.
  7. Giga Package, provide with 24GB RAM and 6x vCore CPU
  8. Tera Package, provide with 32GB RAM and 8x vCore CPU
All packages can be changed any time, if you want to see detaill, just check this link:

Operating System Win 2012R2
For a better quality and always updated then we provide, we are only use better OS with better security features. Operating system that we provide is with system BYOL = Bring your Own license. In the beginning we will give you a trial license and you can activate your own license. If you want a license that is not an experiment then you can contact us. Of course the price will be slightly different. We recommend that if you are happy with the OS, then enable your own license to make it more convenient. It all depends on your choice. But with default operating lisence, you will get full to doing Auto Trading. Price: The most economical option.
We have no intention to compete on price with other providers. In determining the price we do a mature calculation of Fixed costs. Every business must make a profit but we determine it fairly, not with ambition. Because the method we use is a lot of system order then in this way the cost of Fixed Cost can be shared by many users so that it can press the price significantly. The more VPS users then the VPS price will be cheaper. Payment: Credit Card & Paypal
You are free to decide which payment method suits you best, all done instantly.

Other Features
Email broadcast about using VPS & Auto Trading successfully.

Resellers & Affiliates are welcome
Ready for B2B, Reseller and Affiliate Program.