Help Wanted WANTED! Looking for some good Traders


Do you have any interest in working with me (or know some good traders who might)?

I own and I'm looking for some good traders to add to the team. I personally only trade the daily charts for long term moves (and do very nicely) but I need a trader or two, to keep the traders who like to trade everyday happy!

You will be paid on a revenue share basis.

contact me at ( contact [at] forexsignallive [dot] com ) if interested or if you can suggest a good trader.

Please note:
I will only consider traders with more than 4 years experience UNLESS they have some amazing consistent results (because I recognize some people 'get it' faster)
I will need to see verifiable statements for the protection of the clients. I'm sure you understand the need for this, if you have been around Forex a while.

- Mark