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Hi there,
I am hopelessly lost trying to find a decent broker,
This question I am directing to earnest8fingers, have you got a good one - that will take Canadians ? You sound like you have done enough trading , and you actually made $$, who is your broker ?
My husband and I Know one can make some oney with this - just to find a decent broker , and learn, learn , learn....
I use FXPro.com based in Cypress. I have used them for over 1 year w/o any major incidents. I also use(less) MBT based in sunny south California. Small accounts might like FXPro.com(no commisions). No problems with either broker. Normally,if they take us Americans,they will take you Canadians as well. Only takes 400 bucks(US) to open account at MBT and 500 bucks(US) at FXPro.com. BTW-you should study-study-study 1st.(Open demo accounts thru several Brokers-both I gave will allow demo accounts for free.) When you have a handle on platform functions open a small 'live' account(use minimum allowed-IMO). I am long right now in the Eur/Usd Aud/Usd and short the Usd/Cad. All made money today and expect will do the same till end of this week at least. This is an easy prediction(duck) as these pairs have done the same thing since 4-09. All trades have a StopLoss and all are "locked" in profit and guaranteed winners. I will let em ride or die. Today has been a good day but who knows what tomorrow will bring? I miss the snow at Christmas!Good luck Northern neighbors!:)


Finding a Decent Broker

>>finding a decent broker for Canadians...

Have you tried BaronFX.com? They seem like a pretty decent broker -- you can hedge, they don't seem to penalize robots and their spread "tax" is fixed.

I will check them out for sure :)
Then I would like to find a EA or "bot" to use. (need to learn the mechanics of that to)
Have been checking oput ones called Humanoid, Typhoon and Iveybot, also one called FAPTurbo.
Has anyone tried any of these?