Wanting info regarding Japanese mkt

katalin Kovacs

Private, 1st Class
Hello to our fellow traders! I was hoping if some body can inform us about the japanese FX market please, thank you. We are trying for a long time to break into the large Japanese market but are finding it very hard to put advertisements in magazines for our IB services. They tell us that because we are based outside Japan we have to be a member of "something", but we not sure what exactly, does anybody know? We have studied Japan a lot, we know that it is a huge market with 90% of brokers from there. In 2007 it live trading accounts to the figure of $5 billion worldwide! The largest trading sector is the "kimono Traders" who are the Japanese housewife. Japanese culture and tradition has created this strange new "trader", maintaining tradition of serving husband, family and home has forced her to find a way of making money and feel more independant. We thank you for all information!