Warning PrimeFMS big SCAMMERS 20150125


All this started in October-14, i opened one account on Primefms.com with 1500Usd. I made some nice profits and now I have 9174,66Usd with my profits. I was contacted by a guy named by Ben Giani and he told us that would be much better to have a bigger account and it would be more money in it.
We ,me and my wife decide to open account nymber 2 with 20000Usd on 21Nov-14, today we have on that account 36217,71Usd including profits.
Total that we have on these two accounts, is 45392,37Usd.

I have been in contact with 5 differnt people on the company, ben.giani@primefms.com and jennifer.yang@primefms.com and michael.kulakov@primefms.com and cristina.alesci@primefms.com and last ray.dalio@primefms.com.

It was before Christmas when i saw that we have been SCAMMED by PrimeFMS.
I was in contact with my local bank and they told me that the account that i deposit money to go to a private account in UK to accountnumber 4572410000006614.

Now everything started to be a mess, i tryed to withdraw money but nothing happend, I did at least 20 withdrawel prosseses but no one was in contact with me. Primefms did not answer emails the telephone line did not work and all people at the support did not answering anything.

Suddently last week 20150113 Ray Dalio the big boss called me and told me that there is a big problem to withdraw my money. He explained to me that i have a contract with London stock exchange for 1 year until 20151121. That mean that i will be unable to withdraw my money for one year. Everyone that i earlier talked to sad to me dont worry you can withdraw your money at any given time you want. No one was telling me that i have a contract and i have told Ray Dalio to send me the contract, but he dont send any.
What now?
I have been in contact with local police in UK ,Moscov, Hongkong. I have send them all information about this including emails accountdetails persons that i have been in contact with, everything.
If they dont let me withdraw the money i will go to the court in these countries and sue the company or these people involved.
I will also go to investing.com and forexfactory and forexpeacearmy.com and tell everbody all over the web to STAY AWAY from PrimeFMS. Watch out they are big SCAMMERS.

Please feel free to contact us we tell you the true
Leif Hoffner bygghoffa@gmail.com telephone +46+731553344
Inga-Lena Hoffner ingalena.b@gmail.com


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PrimeFMS are very popular here lately.

Let's start by you send them an invitation to join this thread
Still not a single word from Primefms they dont contact me or answer on this post.
I am in contact with 5 more persons that have been scammed by Primefms, Now we looking after more peoples
and we are starting to contact lawyers in differnt countries.
Please contact me at


l can confirm what Lief had said. l had the same problem on withdrawal that after 2 months of repeated calling and email, primefms is not releasing my money. l had deposited $130K from August to December 2014 and had made about $200K profit with account size of $425K now. They give all kind of reasons for not approving withdrawal and you cannot contact them. Phone cannot connect and do not reply your e-mails. Stay away from these people - jennifer Yang, Eric Laso, Jay Goldman, Cristina Alesci, Ray Dalio, Ethan Russo. This is a scam.
In Russia, they also started their activities. On the third attempt persuaded me to make them your money on deposit. In sum, I made a 310 pounds on my account 5140217. My Broker is Edward Rubin, first made me a profit of nearly doubling the deposit by two orders of crude oil. So I added the money on deposit, yielding to his entreaties. But then went unprofitable trades and part of the profit is gone. I decided to submit a request for withdrawal of funds and closing the account in the first Skype Edward Rubin. But he soon ceased to communicate with me. I filed a formal request via their website for withdrawal. In response comes only automatic unsubscribe that you will be contacted. As a result, more than 2 weeks with me no one get in touch. They just ignore my calls and letters.
I have also filed a case against Prime FMS today with Forex Peace Army.

The amount involved is US$10,000, which Prime FMS is refusing to refund to me.

The persons involved include:
- Henry Grant,
- Jordan Rice,
- Ray Dalio, and
- Cristina Alesci.