Warning: Trade-It.club scam copycat impersonating TIOmarkets.com


TIOmarkets.com Representative
In the latest attempt to ride on the back of the success of TIOmarkets, a scam company called trade-it club has copied the TIOmarkets website and is accepting deposits from potential clients.

The TIOmarkets management team wish to strongly advise clients to take extreme precaution when depositing money with any firm emulating us, even if they are using official TIOmarkets branding.

The only true and official company URLs contain the prefix www.tiomarkets.com or www.tiomarkets.uk. The URL to our secure area through which funds can be safely deposited and withdrawn is https://clients.tiomarkets.com.

Other than the trade-it branding on the top left of the corner of the scam website, there is little way to distinguish their website from TIOmarkets.com. Another key differentiator – an obvious give away to the discerning user – is the supposed risk warning at the bottom of the trade-it page.
As TradeIt Pty Ltd we guarantee that every Investor who invest with us will get their returns as promised, because we are the most trusted and reliable investment platform. TradeIt is here to help everyone make money.
TIOmarkets would of course, never guarantee a return on investment and we stipulate clearly on our website that:
CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Never deposit more than you are prepared to lose. See our risk warning policy and seek independent professional advice if you do not fully understand.
Using specialist tools, it’s an unfortunate reality that websites can be very easily copied, and TIOmarkets is not the first nor the last company to fall victim to this. While our own platforms are secure and our clients enjoy a safe trading experience, we cannot guarantee the safety of client funds outside of our own ecosystem.
If you think you’ve been scammed by a company posing as TIOmarkets, contact us at support@tiomarkets.com with further information.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
Thank you for the warning. Someone submitted Trade-It.club to the FPA's reviews. I've added an alert to their review page.


Lt. Colonel
Please help I've been scammed by trade-it.club, 12k gone from my bank account
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