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Warren Ouma - Valentine Okpala > SCAMMERS!

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by yanoskroyher, May 22, 2018.

  1. yanoskroyher

    yanoskroyher Recruit

    May 22, 2018
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    This is a simple but insidious Nigerian scam that hurts a lot of new traders and makes the affiliate and broker partners they are linking to look scammy.

    Valentine Okpala and Warren Ouma are running two scam sites

    - Valforex.com

    - Campforex.com

    There are some very weird things about these sites and owners pretending to be in London.

    Who Are Warren Ouma and Valentine Okpala?
    The owner Valentine Ebuka Okpala has claimed to have a Doctorate in medicine and surgery and yet is spamming the internet each day and the other Warren Ouma is claiming to have won the Million Dollar Trader Competition.

    Warren Ouma - Campforex.com
    Now; the really odd thing is that Warren claims in one part to have won it in 2014 - when there was no competition and it was run in 2016 and in another part to have won in 2016, the year Nial Fuller won it.

    You can check out any blog post on his site ... he has 2014 - then the same made up bio with 2014 with the same bio just below it. Here is a post as example;


    Stranger still is he talks about the competition in a review of Nials site.

    In his BIO that he has copied he states he has posted on sites regularly including fxstreet and moneyshow, but no sites like this have heard of him or would have anything to do with him.

    There is not a single mention of him in there sites anywhere.

    Speaking of Nial Fuller; I am not sure how he will feel having his whole site, sales page and even having posts and BIO blatantly copied and pasted to even places like medium.

    Even the tagline using the million dollar sales and bio are the same. Warren Ouma even copies the same trading sites to reference!! See below;

    He literally takes a post or page, copies and changes a few words and posts!

    Nial Fuller post;

    Warren Ouma spam post medium;

    This guy even admits illegally logging into the course area without buying the course in a review he carries out supposedly before pushing his own course.

    See review here; campforex.com/nial-fuller-learn-to-trade-the-market-review-sca/

    Valentine Okpala - Valforex.com
    Let’s have a look at this Valentine Okpala Facebook and Twitter. He has been spamming for a long time and openly.

    He even spams his own friends with offers to buy fashion and other blogging giveaways without shame trying to get them to buy rubbish on his own Facebook and even blatantly asking others what the highest paying affiliates are on the Valforex twitter feed.

    The super scammy tactics are the way this person operates.

    Look at how they rank their products and brokers. Are they with the trader or the biggest commissions for them in mind?

    I wonder why Tradenet get such a high review and number one even though exactly the same products get smashed? Pretty simple; if you buy through their link they could get up to $2,500

    Have a look at the scammy affiliates, bots and other absolute rubbish they link to and try to push you.

    What about the brokers?
    ALL MARKET MAKERS. Why? Because they pay by far the biggest signup commissions and up to $800 per signup.

    Most of the brokers they rank have NO client safety or regulation other than Cyprus. Why would they care?

    Their Scam and Spam Tactics
    But who do they rate as scam? Companies that will not do affiliate deals, have any part of them or pay for a positive review and have some sort of decent regular following are only the only companies who will rate as scam.

    Want to see an example... (they are now piling up in Google) here is a raving review on Valforex about Forexmentor about how great they are written by warren with 5 stars with. Of course Link for traders to buy the product so they make money. When they had their account shut down for being scammers what did they do?

    Warren wrote a scathing review of the same company on campforex.

    They write these links to bring in new traders and at the bottom of every review of a company that won’t deal with them what do they have? ‘Check out this better product here’ - that is actually just an affiliate link they have no idea about.

    The odd thing is: how can one person review millions of dollars worth of products (easy when you don’t take the course or use the services). It’s not like Forex peace army where people are taking a course and reviewing, one person is reviewing multiple products a day - work that out...

    He admits in review of trade city, they have a big following, are found in Google and post a lot. They know tagging a review on them with ‘spam’ with show up in google and so tagging spam will send them content which they can turn into ripping new traders off by making them buy their spam.

    Malware - Virus Links
    The site has been down multiple times for spam and malware and the owner has even complained under user covs67 to Google about why it no longer ranks for its own name and has so many fake spam hits.... Seriously?

    Read a post with a lot more detailing how people have had computers freeze and lose files after clicking links on this site here 12tradepro.com/valforex-com-scam-review-valforex-nigerian-scam-artist/


    Strange Spammy Outside Reviews
    You will quickly see all the fake spammy reviews they have posted all over the place and in really odd spots to try and cover up the complaints about them.

    It is strange and follows a pattern. They get a bad review somewhere from a real website or company and then a ton of fake positive reviews all in a quick amount of time to try and bury it.

    A ton of reviews all at once on places like glass door and site jabber (odd!) to try and hide the terrible google results for them coming up as scammers. Or they get bad reviews in trust pilot so they post 30 positive reviews in an hour to lift rating back up.

    Avoid Them
    There is a lot when you look into covs67, their previous closed twitter accounts for spamming and other marketing sites they have tried to push rubbish through… basically it is another scam to be hugely wary of.

    It is a terribly bad look for the affiliates this scammer is trying to rip people off with because now no one knows if they are a scam for participating in this sort of business or if they may have been decent product.

    Beware of these two and anything they link to.
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  2. F_M_Z

    F_M_Z Company Representative

    Feb 13, 2017
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    Is scamming website that pretends to care about their clients. They are writing false reviews about different providers of services in the financial sector, neglecting the facts, trying to look genuine and reliable source of information.

    The brokers they offer and present as "Best Forex Brokers for Beginners and Expert Traders" are far from that and have offshore regulation.

    The system they offer for sell trough their partners also look very suspicious.

    Be careful and do not trust them.
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  3. zowen1

    zowen1 Recruit

    Jun 10, 2019
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    I can 100% confirm. Warren is now posting this site on sites like WebsiteBroker.com and attemping to sell the site. I thought the deal was outrageous, so I decided to go along with it. He took the paypal payment and deleted the messages we had been sending. Luckily, I took photos of all of them. He stole $1,000 from me. Do not trust this site and please report this site to any authority figures on the web. 100% scammer. I will be contacting paypal to blacklist this email and person.
  4. zowen1

    zowen1 Recruit

    Jun 10, 2019
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    They are 100% a scam. I can confirm from experience
  5. Angela01

    Angela01 Recruit

    Dec 27, 2017
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    they are scammers. don't trust them. if you became their victim, inform cyber police as I did. Hopefully, all victims will do it and they will be banned at least. For now they helped me to return money

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