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Marcus Obrian enters the chatroom.

Marcus Obrian 7:50:57 PM
Hello robert, my name is Marcus Obrian, Wait a moment let me Review your Question: Thanks
robert 7:51:56 PM
a little tweaking and so far my EA is working good on a demo account if I open a live account can I deposit a test amount of $5 to see if it works well on a live server?
Marcus Obrian 8:14:08 PM
sorry no

we are not bucket shop broker

robert 8:21:04 PM
no?? But it clearly says on your website: Minimum Deposit
In Essence there is No Minimum Deposit however system restrictions limit minimum deposit to $5 for all electronic funding means including Credit Cards, Moneybookers – Skrill, Neteller and Liberty Reserve.

are you there?

Marcus Obrian 8:34:32 PM
yes sorry we do not accept such minimum dposit
robert 8:35:35 PM
so what is your min deposit and why does it says on your website it is $5.00?
Marcus Obrian 8:36:08 PM
for standard account 2k and for ECN 5k

we will update this info on our site very soon

robert 8:38:48 PM
I am willing to deposit 2k but not unless I can confirm that my EA will also work on a live account and the most I am willing to deposit to test it live is $10.00 because since you are outsite the USA and not regulated I have no assurance you wont steal my 2k. If you want my business please make an exception for a lower test deposit to begin

the fact that you say something else on your website indicates

that at once point you

did not have a min deposit and in the case

i have not


with your company


Marcus Obrian 8:39:45 PM
lissten mr if your EA works on demo, it will work on live account

we have our rules

robert 8:41:33 PM
wait a minute . you clearly said earlier that you were not sure if it would and the only way to find out is to test it. I dont know your a legit broker, things are not adding up
Marcus Obrian 8:42:01 PM
so test it then

listne we not russian brokers, that can accept 10 dollar deposit

it is not do or dei

if you dont like our conditions they are lot fo other brokers who will accept your 10 dollar depost

robert 8:43:24 PM
not for $2,000 so you can run with my money I wont. I have been burnt by many scam brokers
Marcus Obrian 8:43:29 PM
i have other clients to support that argue for hours over 10 dollar
robert 8:43:30 PM
Marcus Obrian 8:43:53 PM
so go with brokers that meets your need
robert 8:44:08 PM
if your broker honest works the same live as it does demo then I could turn $100 into $6,000 plus in less then 2 weeks of tradingh

I am serious but honestly I dont have $2000 even IBFX whom is a reglulated licenced broker in US DOES NOT REQUIRE SUM HUGE 2k deposit

I personally know 2 people whom are millionaires and will open very large accounts with you if your willing to let me open a smaller account to confirm your legit. But I don't have 2k.
Marcus Obrian 8:49:10 PM
well sir, am a worker here

so i do not make the rules

robert 8:51:20 PM
well I want to speak to the person in charge and I want you to call me at 1-781-932-8003. If your THE 2 wealthy people I KNOW WILL PERSONALLY COME DOWN THERE TO MAKE A million dollar deposit.

I'll make you a deal: Statement: 2011277757 - gill simss I'll split the profits with you 50/50. Thats what my EA can do on your demo account

So what do you say? If (A LIVE ACCOUNT WORKS LIKE A DEMO) and you being honest with me then you have nothing to lose

Seems to be that you are scam broker swissfx under a new broker name. I will be sure to post tis transscript to forexpeacearmy forexfactory forextsd and all the other major forums and review sites so that YOU CAN"T LURE PEOPLE IN WITH YOUR SCAM

System 9:42:42 PM
This service is not available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
I just checked and the FAQ at says:

In Essence there is No Minimum Deposit however system restrictions limit minimum deposit to $5 for all electronic funding means including Credit Cards, Moneybookers – Skrill, Neteller and Liberty Reserve.

If they advertise $5 and they then say "No, it's really $2000", I'd take that as a very good reason to walk away and look for another broker.

J'aimerai savoir quelle est ta méthode pour gagner autant en si peu de temps. Utilises-tu un robot ou autre ?
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