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Watching for USDCAD forex buying opportunity

Discussion in 'Make PIPS and Learn Forex with ForexTradingCoaches' started by Forex Trading Coaches, May 23, 2013.

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    Sep 5, 2012
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    We are excited to put together videos to share you with. We post two types of videos:

    1. Forex Analysis: When we see a setup we can't resist we'll let you know the basic points to watch for to be able to help you trade it profitably.
    2. Forex Education: These videos will help you become a better trader and give you tips and techniques that will help you capture more PIPS.

    One quick note: We will not have a lot of time to reply to posts in this area so if our answers are a bit short we hope you understand.

    <a href="http://forextradingcoaches.com/go/?w=ffat&p=deditech"><span style="color:#08088A"><b><u>Today's Video</b></u></span></a>

    Click below to see today's video to see what we are looking for to pick up a possible USDCAD buy trade setup.

    <a href="http://forextradingcoaches.com/go/?w=ffat&p=deditech">Click here to view today's video </a>

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